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It's just like a story that a party's traceability system flows to the heart and traces back

by:LG Printing     2021-03-15

  As the end of the year approaches, the phenomenon of fleeing goods has become a headache for an enterprise. Failure to take effective measures to manage its own market logistics will result in chaotic quotations in the future. Fleeing goods refers to the phenomenon that the distributor transfers the goods to a non-sale area for sale without the permission of the manufacturer, that is, the goods sent by the manufacturer to the place A appear for sale in the place B. Anti-escape goods are measures taken by manufacturers or distributors to prevent goods from escaping. Labeling anti-escape goods is a more helpless and effective method. Practice has proved that the core of escape prevention management is to control the flow of products. If the company cannot effectively collect the flow positioning information of the product in the circulation link, it will not be able to monitor and restrict the escape behavior. The specific application of anti-smuggling labels, how can we effectively prevent the smuggling of goods?

   There are many ways to prevent the escape of goods. Among them, the economical and effective method is to use the escape prevention label to identify and manage the goods. Based on more than ten years of experience in the production of anti-linting labels, the following methods are introduced for users' reference and selection.

  (1)Laser label anti-channeling

   This situation applies to general regional distributors, and its main purpose is to be able to identify the differences between their products and other products.

  (2) Use special labels to prevent cross-country goods

   Use special materials and processes to make labels, such as VOID labels, and other anti-counterfeiting technologies can be added to the VOID labels to enhance the label performance, thereby improving the effectiveness of its anti-counterfeiting.

  (3) Use digital anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent the escape of goods

   This situation applies to the anti-escape management of regional distributors, agents and small and medium-sized enterprises. The anti-counterfeiting and anti-escape labels on the product can help consumers better identify the authenticity of the product, and track and manage the logistics code. The advantage of the anti-counterfeiting function is that the general distributors dare not tear off the label, otherwise the product will become a fake.

  (4) Digital label anti-tampering

   is widely used in liquor, cosmetics, health care products and other industries. It manages commodities in the form of a set of standards, and effectively tracks all products through tracking and management of its main standards.

   Quality Traceability System and System

   The quality traceability system is to record the inspection results and existing problems of each process or work in the production process, record the name, time, location and situation analysis of the operator and inspector, and develop it in the appropriate part of the product The corresponding quality status flag. These records are transmitted synchronously with the marked products. When necessary, it is easy to find the name, time and location of the person in charge. Clear responsibilities and sufficient investigation basis can greatly enhance the staff's sense of responsibility.

The    quality traceability system collects supplier material information, quality information and customer delivery information systematically, and realizes the comprehensive connection of customer order numbers, product production batch numbers, and assembly material batch numbers, and realizes the reliability of product quality. Retrospective. Dynamic query of product traceability information. Through the systematic collection of product quality traceability information, the traceability query function is realized.

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