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It is said that anti-counterfeiting labels can be faked, but how is that done? With such a label, where can I start the function of counterfeiting? Many people think so, feel

by:LG Printing     2020-02-03
To say that counterfeiting, the first thing to say is how fakes come from, why are there fewer foreign fakes and more domestic fakes? This involves the issue of people's consciousness. It has a certain relationship with the entire national conditions. The most direct is the lack of copyright awareness. A few years ago, pirated counterfeit goods were everywhere, and pirated goods were not hit at all. Everyone was used to it, this has caused the current brand to be not recognized by the public when it begins to establish a positive image. What is more, it uses pirated goods to ridicule genuine goods, shouting that piracy is not guilty, and piracy is reasonable, those who use genuine goods are all fools. In the past few years, there have been a large number of such incidents on the internet. Those who use free pirated software to scold those who sell genuine software and those who buy genuine software, therefore, the reason why pirated and fake counterfeit goods are so embarrassing is that there is no copyright awareness. Deep analysis of how anti-counterfeiting labels are faked, and then the issue of interests. The lack of copyright awareness is a problem for the people as a whole, but the most fundamental thing is still the issue of interests. If fraud can't be profitable, then no one will falsify. Then there are few foreign fakes, and why are there many domestic fakes? Of course, foreign countries have a high sense of copyright, so few people will go to fraud, but the most important thing is that the cost of fraud is higher than the cost of genuine goods, fraud is unprofitable, so there are fewer fakes. However, it is not completely absent. In some underdeveloped countries in Southeast Asia, there are also fakes, such as fake Durian. However, in most technology-based industries, there are basically no fakes, because the cost of counterfeiting is high. There are a large number of cheap labor in China, and some fakes are family-owned joint participation, their own land, their own manpower, thus greatly reducing the cost of fraud, using old-fashioned machines, with cheap industrial materials, it is basically a fake industrial chain, so the low cost makes fake products emerge in an endless stream and cannot be completely cut off. Deep analysis of how anti-counterfeiting labels are counterfeiters who only pursue interests and do not pursue quality and safety, so as long as they start from their weaknesses, they can naturally break their bones and muscles. Anti-counterfeiting labels are such a commodity that attacks the weakness of fake goods. How did that happen? In order to generate benefits from fake goods, consumers still need to pay for them. No one will produce the corresponding fake goods for the goods that no one buys, so brand owners are the hardest hit areas for fake goods. Of course, current brand owners will have their own customized anti-counterfeiting labels, which has proved the effect of anti-counterfeiting labels from the front. Brand goods have anti-counterfeiting labels, so fake goods are naturally needed. If fake goods are not labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels, it is equivalent to telling the world that I am a fake, then no one will buy them, therefore, fake goods will also be labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels, so how does this anti-counterfeiting label come from? Looking for the kind of printing factory that is not in the flow, let them imitate the anti-counterfeiting label, the third-rate anti-counterfeiting printing factory does not look at the qualification only to see the order, is the accomplice of the fake goods, to build a brand, enterprises must avoid these third-rate anti-counterfeiting printing plants. In the past, the anti-counterfeiting check was based on telephone text messages, but now it is basically a mobile phone Wechat, because the QR code makes the anti-counterfeiting label technology further, and now the brand check anti-counterfeiting is through WeChat public number, the WeChat public account is certified. It is a portal for enterprises. Fake goods are not qualified. There is no way to apply for a formal WeChat public account, so even if there is a fake label, there is no way to effectively query, even the public number can not enter, even if the formal anti-counterfeiting code is used, but now there is also a thing one code, batch copy a QR code data, but only one effective query, it is useless to produce more fakes, and it is easy to distinguish between true and false. Counterfeiters need to register a fake company, get a fake qualification, apply for a fake public number, and then develop a fake inquiry system in order to make the fake goods as close as possible to the genuine goods and sell more fake goods, apply for a fake inquiry telephone system and make a batch of fake one-thing one-yard anti-counterfeiting labels. Although they are all fake, they must be obtained through formal channels, this pile of fake together with the establishment of a new company, manufacturing new products is no different, the production of fake goods is still meaningful? This is the cost, a customized anti-counterfeiting label increases the cost of fraud. If you don't do this, then the fake is easy to identify. If you know that it is fake, you still have a few people to buy. If the sales are broken, who will go to the fraud. 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