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Is the QR code anti-counterfeiting label reliable?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-23
Can the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label be anti-counterfeit? Its credibility can be high? Next, we will introduce its identification methods and steps. Learn more about it.

  一. Its query steps are:

   1. When choosing an anti-counterfeiting QR code anti-counterfeiting company, we should note that the anti-counterfeiting QR code company is a well-known company, not a small company, because the production technology of a small company cannot be old, there may be some gaps.

  2. I will also pay attention to whether there is a key in the company’s QR code production. Because of the key, the new QR code cannot produce counterfeit and shoddy products, so having the key is equivalent to mastering the initiative. When you want to make an anti-counterfeiting QR code, you only need to use the primary key to make a new QR code. Relatively speaking, the degree of anti-counterfeiting is relatively high.

  3. The two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting code verification method requires access to the WeChat channel and multiple channels. Because WeChat is a communication tool used by many people now. Using the scanning function of WeChat allows customers to easily query the true and false, instead of searching on the page, wasting a lot of time, which meets the needs of modern people. Of course, if you don't want to use Guangdong Oracle WeChat to query, you can also query in other ways, so you should have multiple choices instead of one.

  4. The QR code produced cannot be imitated, one QR code for each product. In this way, we can know whether there are criminals using the same QR code to make products, and then distinguish the products from fakes.

  二. The function of anti-counterfeiting label

  1. The system software with only QR code anti-counterfeiting identification will give each product a unique anti-counterfeiting code and mark it on the product or packaging, as if everyone has a unique ID number . These products can be forged, but their codes are not allowed.

  2. Customers tend to identify and search for customers. They do not need to learn training and practical skills. They only need to scan the barcode through their mobile phones, upload information, and search for the authenticity of the goods, which is very convenient.

  3. For each anti-counterfeiting mark of the goods applied for once, under normal circumstances, it can only apply for multiple times. Once the anti-counterfeiting mark is used, scraping off the coating or tearing off the surface will only cause greater damage, which is different from other unused anti-counterfeiting marks. The authorized special items or personal items can pass technical solutions in the service management of the system software. After that, anyone's reasonable and legal rights can be frequently searched. Thereby expanding the application range of anti-counterfeiting marks.

  4. The identification of the management method is compared with the anti-counterfeiting mark, which can be used on various commodities to create a nationwide anti-counterfeiting network monitoring and unified management method anytime, anywhere.

  5. Every time a digital technology performs system software verification, it will be recorded by the system software to verify the relevant information, including time, verification contact number, etc. According to the frequency of searching the product's anti-counterfeiting digital technology and the number of origins of the search, we can distinguish the authenticity of the product. The area is a counterfeit product. The balance of supply and demand. The clues of the case can be told to other legal departments. Punishment.

   With the rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting labels have formed an anti-counterfeiting label code composed of two-dimensional codes. During the entire production process, the printer will not be exposed to any anti-counterfeiting numbers. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting code is encrypted and cannot be recognized by the naked eye, thus realizing the anti-counterfeiting line of the data.

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