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Is the anti-counterfeiting label reliable?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-08
The anti-counterfeiting printing of the disappearance of dripping water is a very simple and easy-to-operate anti-counterfeiting detection method in the anti-counterfeiting detection of nano materials. It only needs a drop of water to identify the smear. This is an advanced anti-counterfeiting technology in China. If an anti-counterfeiting technology is not developed for a long time, it will be easy to be cracked and then forged by pirates, seriously jeopardizing the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting companies need to develop new anti-counterfeiting technologies, and then avoid the counterfeiters. In view of the above reasons, there are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting signs and anti-counterfeiting technologies, and the anti-counterfeiting technology that disappears by dripping water is one of them. This unique anti-counterfeiting method has its own characteristics, and its scale was also very extensive at that time.

  一. Principles

  Di fire counterfeit sign is a comparative and anti-counterfeiting technology. The anti-counterfeiting mark is to hide the text or pictures together by adding special ink and special plate making process, so that the naked eye can not see it, and the dripping disappears only by the reaction of water droplets with the ink.

  二. Recognition Technology

  The disappearance of water droplets is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology, which is easy to identify and difficult to forge. Liquids such as water and wine can be used to modify the disappearing technology of the water drop anti-counterfeiting logo picture. As the hole is filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface layer changes, and the image becomes lighter and disappears gradually. If the color picture is printed on the reverse side of the picture, the color picture on the reverse side of the picture will become more and more obvious. Once the liquid is transpired, the image will return to its original state. In about 30 to 60 seconds, the image will completely and obviously disappear to its original state and gradually recover.

  三. Production conditions

The manufacturing of    dripping disappearing technology requires advanced media ion technology and nanotechnology. These sensitive technical facilities are controlled by large national research institutes, and under the supervision of the state's reliable and confidential units, it is difficult for counterfeiters to own them.

  4. Various anti-counterfeiting

   1. Wetting the surface of the logo immediately shows that a large amount of hidden information is real, and it is enough that most of the products have an anti-counterfeiting function.

  2. Wet the marking surface, and then view it under ultraviolet light. You can clearly see the bright information on the documents and drawings. This is true. Applicable to top-secret documents and valid certificates. You can also contact other paper anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting.

  3. Wet the marking surface and observe the texture features with a high-power magnifying glass. This difference applies to the judgment of authoritative experts.

  5. Features

  1. Conducive to distinguish: Put a colorless water-soluble liquid on the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label to wipe, and the entire page immediately displays colorful information, and the information can be seen at the same time under purple light and infrared light.

  2. Concealed anti-counterfeiting: This technology not only has anti-counterfeiting methods such as environmental humidity and brightness, but also can add language codes, codes, anti-counterfeit paste, holographic projection anti-counterfeit and other generalized anti-counterfeiting methods. The identification and judgment of moisture sensitive anti-counterfeiting marks is very simple, convenient and reliable. Only the transparent liquid is used to wipe the surface of the mark, and the text and picture information hidden in the mark can be found in an instant. This kind of anti-counterfeiting mark can also be summarized as anti-counterfeiting paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, laser laser, code anti-counterfeiting and other technical rights. It is an inductive anti-counterfeiting mark composed of multiple anti-counterfeiting functions, also known as a moisture-sensitive response type anti-counterfeiting mark, which improves the anti-counterfeiting range of the anti-counterfeiting mark.

  Anti-counterfeiting products not only require high anti-counterfeiting technology, making it difficult for counterfeiters to copy, but also easy for consumers to identify. No matter how complete an anti-counterfeiting product is, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish its authenticity or uselessness, and the anti-counterfeiting label with the disappearance of water droplets meets these conditions. Not only the anti-counterfeiting technology is high, but also the anti-counterfeiting effect is good.

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