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Is scanning a barcode different from scanning a QR code, is it a genuine product?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-15
The two-dimensional code is generally indistinguishable from the authenticity. It is necessary to clarify the three concepts of two-dimensional code, barcode, and anti-counterfeiting code. For the sake of clarity, barcodes are not used for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Don't be fooled by bad businessmen. Because the barcode information is generally public and anyone can copy it, many unscrupulous merchants will copy the barcode of another product and paste it on their counterfeit products, pretending to be genuine. So is the barcode different from scanning the QR code, is it true? The following editor will explain the details for you.

  一. Barcode and QR code

  1. The result of barcode scanning is actually the product number, and the application is only used to query the product information corresponding to the number. Generally, two-dimensional codes cannot be used as a basis for anti-counterfeiting. There is a case: if the two-dimensional code information of each package of the same product is different (there is an encrypted number, the production cost is high), that is, the product number is unique (these numbers are stored by the merchant) In the database, there are query records). So you need formal channels to buy things, and don’t just buy them at very cheap prices.

  2. Not all products have anti-counterfeiting codes and websites. If it is food, medicine, skin care products, etc., the website of the Food and Drug Administration can check the product records. If the product is not even archived, it is not recommended to purchase.

  3. The anti-counterfeiting code is generally composed of numbers and letters. It is usually located on the package and coated with paint. The serial number of some electronic products can also be used as an anti-counterfeiting code (the package is invisible if it is not damaged and must be hidden). If the anti-counterfeiting code coating is scratched, it is likely to be a counterfeit anti-counterfeiting code or a counterfeit product. You can check on the official website of the product (you can check the query record). If the anti-counterfeiting code has been queried or cannot be queried, it means that the purchased product is not a genuine product.

  4. If the purchased product has an anti-counterfeiting code, you can check it on the phone and website indicated by the product. If it can be found and displayed as a query, it is genuine. Anti-counterfeiting codes generally have four query methods: telephone query, short message query, website query, and humanized service desk. Generally, it is intuitive and quick to search on [product official website], and it is recommended to use it. If the anti-counterfeiting code information cannot be checked, it indicates that the product may be a counterfeit product or a system problem (you need to verify with the personnel service desk).

   5. If the product does not have an anti-counterfeiting code, it cannot be completely confirmed that the product is fake. Under normal circumstances, old batches of products may not contain anti-counterfeiting codes. If the product is the same, the appearance of the packaging is exactly the same, the authentic product has an anti-counterfeiting code, but the customer has not purchased the anti-counterfeiting code, and it is generally a counterfeit product.

  6. Two-dimensional code printing is not covered by the coating, which reduces the printing cost. Each product has an independent 20-digit password, which is stored in the database. It is impossible for the copy to know the password of each product. If multiple originals are made, the cost will be greatly increased, so that the investment can achieve the purpose of protecting the original products from being counterfeited.

   Since the QR code is directly connected to the query URL link, users do not need to enter anything when querying, and the results are displayed directly. User inquiry cost is low, operation is convenient, it is a technical means to combat counterfeit and shoddy. Using the QR code to query the authenticity of the phone code is less expensive. Telephone code inquiries generally require silver powder coating to cover the password number. The user scratches the coating when inquiring, dials the phone, and enters the number according to the voice prompt. The entire operation process takes a lot of time. anyway. Both barcodes and QR codes need to be upgraded again to better achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect.

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