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Is it useful to use anti-counterfeit labels in the pharmaceutical industry?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-15
With the improvement of living standards, the level of medical treatment is also constantly improving. With the continuous development of many pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the quality management of drugs and devices, and the management of device disinfection are facing many problems. Some criminals are directly mixed with fish, not only affects the healthy development of the market economy system, but also poses a major threat to people's health. Therefore, the regular operation of the pharmaceutical industry is related to the health of the people. The pharmaceutical industry needs to use medical anti-counterfeiting labels to allow consumers to quickly identify the authenticity of medicines. Next, let's understand the functions and advantages that medical anti-counterfeiting labels can bring.

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   1. The role of medical anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Ensure product quality: A product is generally developed in four stages: research-production-supply-sale. When a product leaves the factory and enters the market for sale, especially medicines, how can it be without a fixed medical anti-counterfeiting label? For sale. Therefore, the key step is to stick anti-counterfeiting labels with anti-counterfeiting functions to the drugs to ensure the quality of the drugs.

  2. Consolidate product brand: Putting anti-counterfeiting labels on medicines is conducive to helping products establish brand image, and it is also a method and method for enterprises and their own brands. Each pharmaceutical product has its own anti-counterfeiting label on its packaging box, which can protect its own pharmaceutical brand, and be in a favorable position in market competition to prevent counterfeiting and diverting goods. It is helpful to increase the repeat rate of product purchases and maintain the relationship between new and old customers.

  3. Promote the recycling of funds: For the purpose of long-term operation, companies put anti-counterfeiting labels on pharmaceutical products to ensure the quality of the products, maintain the image of the pharmaceutical brand, and facilitate the subsequent marketing of the products. In the process of marketing, anti-counterfeiting labels can promote the circulation of commodities and the operation of funds, and are also conducive to consulting, recycling, and recycling of pharmaceutical companies, and promote the economic development of the society.

  4. Increase sales revenue: Pharmaceutical products with anti-counterfeit labels can avoid quality problems caused by counterfeit products, and at the same time, through online marketing activities, they can promote the development of formal operations of enterprises and help increase enterprises Revenue, increase sales turnover.

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   2. Realizable functions of medical anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling: Drugs are assigned codes, which can be tracked in real time, determine the product flow direction, effectively prevent counterfeiting and channeling, and further protect the interests of distributors.

  2. Realization of intelligent traceability: the whole process of traceability can be realized by assigning codes to drugs and devices, which can not only distinguish between authenticity and fake products, and prevent counterfeit and inferior products from entering the market, but also provide raw materials, production, warehousing, distribution, and logistics of the products. The whole life cycle management is carried out in links such as consumption and consumption.

  3. Realize smart marketing: Through scanning code activities, popularize medical knowledge to consumers and increase interaction.

  4. Big data analysis: integrate big data into industrial supply chain management by scanning the QR code, and further create a highly intelligent and service-oriented pharmaceutical supply chain, and provide strategic support for the company's future marketing activities.

  Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting labels can help consumers to identify the authenticity of products effectively and quickly. When purchasing drugs, they can follow the product prompts to check the authenticity of the products. It is very convenient to scan, and the anti-counterfeiting labels are also simple Channels to verify the authenticity of products. If you still want to know more about medical anti-counterfeiting labels, you can consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience. We have served many companies and have rich experience. You can get medical anti-counterfeiting solutions through consultation,

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