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Is it necessary to develop a product traceability system?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-29
Focusing on major agricultural production materials such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, etc., a unique traceability archive is made for each agricultural product. Realize edible agricultural products; trace management from farmland to table. The agricultural product traceability system uses advanced Internet of Things, mobile Internet, two-dimensional codes, and other Internet of Things technology means to open up a trusted channel for consumers to gain in-depth understanding of agricultural product production information, solve the problem of information asymmetry and opacity between supply and demand, and escort agricultural products . Realize the traceability management of agricultural production, circulation and other links, provide government departments with a basis for supervision, management, support and decision-making, and establish a credible circulation system that includes production, logistics, and sales for enterprises. One product one code agricultural product traceability system is the traceability basis for consumers to purchase agricultural products, and it is also a powerful tool for enterprises to display and market excellent agricultural products in all aspects.

  一. Features of product traceability

  1. Transparency of traceability process: The agricultural product traceability system emphasizes the participation of each agricultural product supply chain member, and emphasizes the openness and transparency of information in each key link, thus increasing the transparency of agricultural product traceability.

  2. Standardization of traceability information: The traceability system based on the key technology of traceability of agricultural products realizes the standardization of traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, and information is realized between members of the agricultural product supply chain and between the agricultural product supply chain. Sharing and communication.

  3. Diversification of traceability levels: At the geographic level, the traceability system can trace a country, a region, an enterprise to a specific production and operation link; at the product level, it can trace a product, Traceability for a batch, a product, and a specific raw material. Therefore, the traceability levels of the agricultural product traceability system are flexible and diverse.

  4. Timeliness of the traceability system: Based on the traceability system of agricultural products, it can quickly locate the range of threats to problematic agricultural products with the help of the network environment, release risk information in time, and immediately carry out agricultural product recalls, effectively preventing the spread of problematic agricultural products and protecting consumers His health is not threatened.

  5. Flexibility in traceability operations: The agricultural product traceability system directly applies species identification technology, electronic coding technology, automatic identification and data collection technology and other key agricultural product traceability technologies, which helps to enhance the collection, processing, transmission and application of agricultural product traceability information Ability to improve the flexibility of agricultural product traceability operations.

  6. Confidentiality of traceability data: In the process of collection, processing, transmission and application of traceability information of agricultural products, the traceability system focuses on strengthening the protection of commercial secret information such as product formulas and sales statistics of members of the agricultural product supply chain to improve the traceability of agricultural products Confidentiality of data.

  二. Is it necessary to develop a code to trace a product?

   mainly depends on the purpose of its own use. If it is used for marketing and brand protection, it is recommended to join a third-party traceability platform and purchase the service. It is simple, cheap, and thoughtful, and does not require too much management effort. This management The energy includes a series of contents such as system construction cost, personnel investment cost, network investment cost, consumables investment cost, etc. These contents will cost the company about hundreds of thousands of profits every year.

  The traceability system management protects the brand. The enterprise performs detailed management and obtains detailed data. It has a certain demand for data; the demand for anti-fleeing goods; it is mostly used for data exchange and storage.

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