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Introduction to stickers not sticky or edge case become warped

by:LG Printing     2021-01-22

we often found in life or work, stickers loose or edge case become warped, or stickers gel performance is poor. Also there are always some customers doubt appear what is the cause of the problem? What is the quality of the stickers itself has a problem or there are other reasons? In fact, the reason of these problems in addition to their own glue, also with self-adhesive paper and environmental technology, paste way.

by now tell you about a few stickers paste tips! ! ! ! Everyone can learn oh

to ensure paste effect will need to have correct paste work environment. Before the paste should be prepared to clean, wash hands, to avoid hand dust or sweat damage the viscosity and the appearance of the stickers. In addition to a hand to clean and to ensure the sticker on the surface of the cleaning, some grease, moisture, dust and particles is affects the adhesion of the label. So before the use of stickers, it is necessary to water, alcohol and dry cloth to clean well again.

stick stickers will try to avoid contact with the glue part, according to the facts in the hard to avoid can clean good hand touch sticker a small corner of the area, in order to avoid weakening the sticker adhesive force. Paste operation to complete, don't repeat paste. After the completion of the paste, with a clean finger uniform pressure.

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