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Introduction of three common anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-27
With the development of the market economy, the problem of counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods is very common, and people's anti-counterfeiting awareness has gradually increased, and anti-counterfeiting labels have gradually appeared in people's field of vision. In daily life, it can be seen almost everywhere. Because the anti-counterfeiting label not only provides anti-counterfeiting, but also improves the appearance of the product, leaving a deep impression on people. Today, Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company introduced three common anti-counterfeiting labels.

   One, QR code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. Encrypted QR code has low cost and is easy to advance: You can see the QR code online and offline, which is easy to advance, and the cost of another QR code is low.

  2. Encrypted two-dimensional code has a large amount of information and strong error correction ability: encrypted two-dimensional code has natural advantages in data collection and data transmission. The storage capacity of a two-dimensional bar code is several thousand bytes, which can store information materials. Moreover, due to the use of advanced error correction algorithms, even if part of it is damaged, the complete initial information can be restored. Therefore, the use of two-dimensional barcodes to transfer information has the characteristics of stability, speed, and speed.

   2. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

  1, easy to identify. Using our advanced anti-counterfeiting planning technology and printing technology to print laser anti-counterfeiting labels is very simple to identify, so that consumers can quickly understand the anti-counterfeiting skills and techniques used by the unit that selects anti-counterfeiting labels, which not only facilitates customer identification, but also allows counterfeiters to use Imitation.

  2, cheap and good quality. Since the laser anti-counterfeiting labels we print are selected by our company’s special anti-counterfeiting query system, and the printing is also made by our own printing plant, we can benefit our customers to a large extent and provide economics for our customers. Affordable laser security labels.

  3. Good anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, in order to plan and print domestic advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies, under normal circumstances, counterfeiters cannot imitate because they do not understand the selected detailed skills and techniques, thus setting a high anti-counterfeiting threshold for counterfeiters.

  4. The pictures are exquisitely made. We have made special anti-counterfeiting planning software. The plans of specially selected planners are first drawn exquisitely, and the transaction requirements are in line with the characteristics of the products according to the plan, and the personalized laser anti-counterfeiting labels show the customers' own advantages.

   3. Code anti-counterfeiting label

  1. The credibility of anti-counterfeiting: The anti-counterfeiting label is the concentration of the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of plural high-tech methods. The forger has mastered the manufacturing method, and it is right; the counterfeit of the anti-counterfeiting label is useful, and it cannot be made in large quantities. The transferability and the counterfeit prevention of forgery cannot be completed.

  2. Ease of identification: Consumers can enter the number to identify the authenticity via phone and text messages anytime and anywhere, and make investigations. The number can be independently identified by the computer, and the manufacturer, the authenticity of the company’s products, etc. can obtain relevant information. This process is convenient.

  3. The uniqueness of the label: any digital anti-counterfeiting mark can only be used once, and imposters cannot forge or reuse it.

  4. Functional scalability: In addition to the anti-counterfeiting of goods and the related services provided by online companies, my luck can impact, the processing of tickets, etc., its common and active performance effect, artificial fake work, can greatly reduce costs .

  5. Uniformity of handling: Code anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used on commodities in various industries, using the national telephone network to establish a national anti-counterfeiting network, which can be monitored at any time and handled uniformly.

  Application fields: Anti-counterfeiting labels are the most widely used signs on the market, which are widely used in various occupations such as clothing, footwear, health care products, food, wine, auto parts, medicine, light industry, electrical appliances, and audiovisual products. It can also use its principle to combine with the anti-sweeping system to produce anti-counterfeit labels with anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping functions. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!


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