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Introduction of plastic film anti-counterfeiting technology:

by:LG Printing     2020-02-15
The labels seen in the world are mostly laser labels and paper labels. Plastic film labels can be said to be the third generation of anti-counterfeiting products. The first generation is laser and the second generation is paper. The appearance of plastic film labels has changed people's visual fatigue and has also found solutions to many enterprises. The plastic film is made of thin materials, and with our special technology and materials, the waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-transfer effects are ideal compared with paper and laser. The plastic film label made by the long-standing anti-counterfeiting company is a double-effect label. As the name implies, it can open the query and open the query. If the consumer wants to maintain the integrity of the label and packaging, it can open the label to check the authenticity; If the consumer is worried about the second use and wants to destroy the label after the query is completed, then it is very simple, just remove the film on the surface. In order to save the printed content for a longer time, we print the text content on the inner surface of the material during printing, in this way, characters or patterns will not be damaged due to external factors such as friction and corrosion. This process can only be realized by transparent film labels. Product features: 1. Plastic film positioning damages anti-counterfeiting label features a. Identification materials and structures are environment-friendly and have excellent performance; Anti-counterfeiting is difficult, printing anti-counterfeiting technology, high-precision composite production technology and technology and other production methods are combined, and one or more technologies or processes are simply cracked, which is difficult to imitate. B. The printed bottom layer of the watch marked as anti-transfer type is a double-layer carrier. When the watch is transferred, the bottom layer is separated, the pattern of the bottom layer is left on the pasted object, and the integrity of the printed surface layer information is destroyed. C, personalized twisted cable flower has a high anti-counterfeiting function, complex, multilateral and rigorous line combination makes ordinary anti-counterfeiting software difficult to imitate. D, laser stealth pattern has a high anti-counterfeiting function, is randomly generated by optical principle, from different angles to see a variety of dynamic colors, Download PDF
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