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Introduction of anti-counterfeiting label customization process

by:LG Printing     2021-03-08
Anti-counterfeiting label is the main basis and carrier for distinguishing the authenticity of commodities. It is different from other commodities. It is not a one-time trade activity, but a duty and long-term technical service cooperation. The anti-counterfeiting products mainly rely on printing technology, such as dripping water, disappearing high temperature, embedding anti-counterfeiting security thread, etc., are different from the manufacturing process of digital anti-counterfeiting labels.

  Because nowadays, the most widely used and the better one is the anti-counterfeiting label. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company will take you together to briefly introduce the manufacturing process of the anti-counterfeiting label.

   There are three steps to order anti-counterfeiting labels.

  一: Order printed security labels. Customers need to provide company qualifications, such as the company's business license, trademark registration certificate, production permit, tax registration certificate and other copies with official seals. If an anti-counterfeiting manufacturer does not need these things, then this manufacturer is terrible, because it can also accept the entrustment of counterfeiters and make your fake;

  二: Provide the brand's trademark image and company name. I believe you will not dislike this, because we all have the desire to promote it. We will design a variety of anti-counterfeit labels for customers to choose based on the vector diagram of the trademark provided by the customer, as well as the customer's specific requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology and functions of the anti-counterfeiting label, and the condition of the outer packaging of the product. The customer selects and agrees with the QR code anti-counterfeiting label, and signs the design draft.

  3: Sign the anti-counterfeiting service agreement. The customer needs to sign an authorization agreement for anti-counterfeiting label printing with us, and signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both parties to sign and affix official seals. We will generate anti-counterfeiting data, generate barcode and serial number data, and the object's two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting data, as well as link their internal relationships through technology, and then submit them to the printing department for printing. Many customers think that anti-counterfeiting labels can be printed in a day or two days, which is wrong. Under normal circumstances, the usual manufacturing time for anti-counterfeiting labels is about 7 to 15 days. Why is it necessary for such a long time? Introduce you the process of customizing anti-counterfeiting labels.

  Printing anti-counterfeiting label production process:

  The production process of anti-counterfeiting labels is more trivial than ordinary self-adhesive printed matter, so the printing time of anti-counterfeiting labels is relatively long, usually divided into the following processes:

  1. The film will be produced according to the designed anti-counterfeiting label draft.

  2, computer printing equipment. (The printed anti-counterfeiting labels are still semi-finished products, and there are some trivial processes that need to be completed manually.)

  3. The code is printed after it is printed, and the code is printed on the coding machine (the anti-counterfeiting code of each label is different and not repeated)

  4. Laminating. Those who need to be coated are also coated, usually optical film, sub-film, laser film, etc., do not need to be able to skip this step.

  5. The upper scraping and scraping silver is the silk screen (it must be dried and scraped before the next process, otherwise the next process cannot be completed),

  6. Scratch the printed characters on the silver, such as: Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company; Scratch the coating, enter the password to identify the authenticity;

  7, die cutting. According to the company's request, die-cut into various shape standard labels. (If you don't have the knife version that the customer needs, you still need to customize the knife version)

   8. Waste disposal. Drain the remaining paper after die cutting.

  9, points, inspection, delivery.

   10. According to the agreement with the customer, through the anti-counterfeiting background, open anti-counterfeiting queries and related data.
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