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Interesting Things You Should Know About Holographic Security Labels


There is no doubt in saying that holographic security labels are getting very popular day by day. They provide numerous advantages and with the increase in time and competition, the use of these security labels has become very important. So if you want to know more about the role of holographic security labels in today’s world, then this article is very helpful for you. In this article, you will get to know about the major roles and uses of a holographic security label. Along with this, all the other necessary information regarding it will also be mentioned. So if this sounds compelling, then keep reading this article.


Holographic Security Labels

What is a Holographic Security Label?

So before jumping to the main deal, you should understand what holographic security labels actually are. In simple words, a holographic security label is a picture that is printed on a 2D surface but appears as a 3d image. To get the 3D effects, these security labels use special holographic foils, a thin sheet of plastic in which laser is used to print images. To create a 3D illusion, first, a single image is clicked from different angles, then all the images are printed into the holographic foil. The combination of all the picture gives the 3D look even though the surface is flat. A single laser beam is used to create holograms, then a special lens is utilized to split the single beam. Then you get two beans that are completely the same. One of them is the reference beam, which is shone directly into the film.

 Uses Of Holographic Security Labels

So after discussing the fundamental information about holographic security labels, it’s time to talk about its uses. So here are some of the major uses of a holographic security label:
Holographic Security Labels


1- Protection Of The Brand


One of the major roles of a holographic security label is to provide protection to the brand. Brands that are popular and big are always under the threat of being copied. Holographic security labels are a great way to secure the identity of your products and the best thing is that it is very convenient to use them. That’s why it is recommended to use these stickers to save your brand from counterfeiters. You can create unique personalized holograms for your brand, which will make it difficult for other people or companies to replicate. Apart from this, if you want to increase the security, then you can also use tagganted foils (special dyes) to the hologram, which can only be recognized with a specific reader.


2- Enhancement Of The Brand


Holographic security labels are also very helpful in enhancing the value of your brand. They will not only make your brand more secure but they will also improve your image among the customers. Many big reputed companies such as Intel and Microsoft use these security holograms on their products. In short, if you want to increase your product's perceived value and your brand's perception, then you should add holographic security labels to your products.


3- Promotion and Packaging


Another great thing about holographic security labels is that they can easily make the packaging of your product more professional. They are highly visible and it makes them a great tool to promote your products and make them very easy to spot even in a crowded store. It doesn’t matter what kind of products you make, they can be used for all for any type of packaging.


4- Authentication


One of the common uses of holographic security labels is for the identification of different important documents. They can easily be seen in credit and debit cards, regular office ID cards, season passes, and many more. Holographic labels reduce the risk of fraud as it is very hard to replicate them. Apart from this, many different ways are also available such as the addition of tagganted foils’ that can make the holograms more secure. You can also select anti-tamper holographic security labels to increase packaging authenticity. The best thing about using anti-tamper labels is that you will easily find out if someone tries to remove them, which makes them a better option to ensure full security of your products.


Here are some popular designs of tamper-evident stickers currently available in the market:

• Stickers that leave a honeycomb design when someone tries to peel them off

• Stickers that break-up when someone tries to remove them

• Stickers that leave a secondary layer when they get peeled off by an external force


So if you are also want to make your products more secure, then investing in holographic security labels is the best thing you should do. The only problem is that there are many companies out there in the market that claim to provide good quality holographic stickers but only a few of them are genuine. That’s why it is important to do proper research while choosing a holographic label company. So if you are in the market for holographic security labels, then LG-printing is one of the best companies that can provide you high-quality holographic labels.


The good thing about this company is that it is one of those companies that have been in the business for a very long time and known for their quality services. This company is serving people for 20 years and also provides a different variety of holographic stickers. It is located in Guangzhou city (Panyu district) and its factory area is spread across 1500 square meters. Another great thing about this company is that it is completely legal and has all the permits, which means that you will only get genuine products. Here are some services that LG-printing provides:

 Holographic Security Labels

1- Customized R&D Service


The best thing about this company is that if you are not getting the desired outcome with the existing technologies, then you can use their custom R & D services. They have a very talented and hardworking development and research team for label printing. The only thing you have to do is tell them what you want to do with the label, about its usage and purpose. For example- you can tell them to enhance the brand image of the company and they will put together all of your requirements and come up with the final product according to your budget.


2- Security Hologram Stamping Label


Security Hologram Stamping Label is the latest technology that gives the benefit of both adhesive labels and 3D hologram. This combination increases the look appeal and security. This technology has also improved anti-counterfeiting, environmental protection traits.


Who Can Use Holographic Security Labels?

Now some of you might be thinking who can use holographic security labels. Well, then anyone who owns a business and wants to keep their products safe can use holographic labels. To help you understand better, here are some common industries that use holographic security labels:

• Detergents, Fertilizers, Seeds

• Companies that manufacture Jewelry and luxurious items

• Electronic items such as TVs, laptops, and printers

• Banks use them on their credit and debit cards

• Music CDs, gaming CDs, and different media branches


Features Of Holographic Security Labels


• Premium Quality- One of the best features of holographic security labels is they are made to look and feel very premium


• Strong Adhesive- All the holographic labels are attached by using a strong adhesive that makes them very difficult to disintegrate


• Customizable- Holographic security labels come in different shapes and sizes and you can also customize them according to your needs. Along with this, they are also very affordable


• Water and Heat Resistant- All the holographic labels are made to be heat and water-resistant and you won’t have to worry about any kind of damage


Some Important Perks Of Holographic Security Labels


1- Holographic security labels come with different security features to give maximum protection.


2- You can also design the security labels to include the logo of your business. This helps in making the company more reliable and conveys the brand of the company more effectively. These labels can help in maximizing brand exposure. This is the one the main reasons why most companies have started using holographic security labels


3- You can also put a signature, year or any kind of unique identity to your holographic labels. This etching makes the labels more, stronger as it is almost impossible to remove it.




So these were the main roles of a holographic security label. As mentioned above that many big businesses use these holographic security labels to keep their brand and reputation safe and clear. If you also own a business, then you should use these security labels to protect your business from any duplicity and fraud activities. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is choosing a good company that provides genuine quality holographic security labels.


All the important information LG-printing is mentioned above. So do your research, identify your needs and preferences, then take any step. Hope this article will clear all of your doubts and give you some helpful information. 

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