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Integration of product packaging and anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-22
With the increase of counterfeit goods, plain-packaged goods can no longer meet market demand. Therefore, the introduction of anti-counterfeit packaging integrated goods to meet the company's needs. At present, there are two methods for anti-counterfeit packaging on the market, one is to directly stick it on the packaging, and the other is to integrate with the packaging, that is, to integrate with the anti-counterfeit packaging. To choose which method to choose, professional anti-counterfeiting technicians will conduct on-site inspection and recommend according to the needs of the company. Let's take a look.

  What are the advantages of Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting packaging?

   1. Shangyuan enjoys a high reputation in the anti-counterfeiting industry and is a prestigious brand in the anti-counterfeiting industry, accounting for 78% of the packaging anti-counterfeiting market share. The nationally recognized top three coding technology, the output is advanced nationwide, and the anti-counterfeiting technology can be identified within 10 seconds.

   2. The anti-counterfeiting signs are uniformly purchased by the mint company, printed by the original factory, and cost-effective. Domestic prestige quality and skill assessment certification, strict implementation of ISO14001, 2002 environmental treatment system.

  三. In the past few years, it has attracted more than 20,000 good customers. Establish one-to-one service consultants for Weikangning, Sunflower Pharmaceutical, and Shaxing Capsules to establish full-process efficiency services.

   Fourth, a dedicated anti-counterfeiting skills research and development team and planners, with an annual cost of 20 million skills research and development, and continuous upgrading of anti-counterfeiting skills. First-line color processing system at home and abroad, 100% ensure color accuracy and stability, professional anti-counterfeiting packaging software.

Detailed functions of    anti-counterfeiting mark:

  Anti-counterfeiting: used on anti-counterfeiting packaging; one item, one code method, so that counterfeiters can't counterfeit in large quantities.

   0 yuan to increase accurate fans: Consumers must first pay attention to the company's WeChat official account, in order to search for anti-counterfeiting results, even if the company does not invest in the cost, the number of fans can skyrocket.

  Propaganda: The company can communicate with consumers through WeChat public channels, publicize the company's brand and recent promotional information, increase stickiness with fans, and then increase customer loyalty.

   Promotion: The company guides fans to the company’s micro mall by issuing points or red envelopes to fans, which affects consumers’ secondary purchases and improves the company’s sales performance.

   Anti-counterfeiting: The anti-counterfeiting package completes the one-to-one correspondence between the logistics code and the anti-counterfeiting code. After passing through different areas of the logistics code in different intervals, when consumers are consulting, once the product is labeled with anti-counterfeiting, the system will independently report to the police. Commodities from behind the system will be discovered.

  The company can add the production information of the product in the anti-counterfeiting code, such as: origin, logistics information, raw material source information, etc., and then complete the life cycle monitoring of the product to trace the true source.

  Business scope: anti-counterfeiting skills development, skills promotion, skills transfer, skills consulting, skills services; service data processing for computer systems; basic software services; application services; commissioned processing of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology products, anti-aircraft paper, computers, software And sales of auxiliary equipment, electronic goods, equipment and components; planning, manufacturing, agency, and announcement; handling in the company; commodity import and export, skill import and export, and agent import and export.

   The above content is the integration of product packaging and anti-counterfeiting labels as we know it today. Product companies can also express their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting companies will also design according to customer needs and so on. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!


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