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Industry dynamic anti-counterfeiting label 2020-01-03

by:LG Printing     2020-03-07
The anti-counterfeiting printing technology used in anti-counterfeiting labels was originally mainly applied to anti-counterfeiting products of banknotes, checks, bonds, stocks and valuable paper coupons. With the development of market economy and the impact of fake and inferior commodities on brand commodities, printing anti-counterfeiting technology has been widely used in anti-counterfeiting label products. Anti-counterfeiting labels can not only provide products with anti-counterfeiting functions with high anti-counterfeiting and strong comprehensive performance, but also provide relatively single waterproof warning labels and mobile phone warranty screw cap labels, they all have certain functions of anti-counterfeiting, anti-transfer, damage identification and anti-smuggling traceability management. Anti-counterfeiting label products are often used in all walks of life in the form of self-adhesive self-adhesive labels, which are widely used in all walks of life and have a variety of independent anti-counterfeiting labels with different functions. 1. The role of anti-counterfeiting labels: 1. Brand protection of anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting label product design is very novel, unique ideas and strong anti-counterfeiting functions, and has a sense of mystery. It has strong strength in anti-counterfeiting, from physical anti-counterfeiting to anti-copying, anti-counterfeiting, easy identification by the public, easy inspection and verification by merchants, and can provide legal basis for enterprise brands, it shows that the products reflected by the label are genuine, the goods are real, the reliability is high, and the position of the brand products in the market is highlighted. 2. The market effect of anti-counterfeiting labels is aimed at internal and external production management, supply chain management, price management, Internet of Things management, traceability management and marketing management, etc, carry out 'closed-loop supervision' on the whole production enterprise from the source, and at the same time manage the member system, business-customer interaction, integral marketing, mobile cash register, big data analysis, personalized directional push, inventory management, effective anti-counterfeiting and Internet of Things management to protect the legitimate rights and interests of manufacturers and consumers. 2. Production of anti-counterfeiting labels: 1. In the limited space of the label, there must be basic design elements, LOGO, text and other corresponding functions. It is important to use different combination processes in a square inch space; 3. It must have the anti-counterfeiting function of various text patterns designed to prevent counterfeiting; 4. It is necessary to design anti-counterfeiting labels for customers, which cannot cause high production difficulty. In short, it is necessary to facilitate mass production or reduce expenses. 3. Design principles of anti-counterfeiting label products: 1. The design selects some special physical marks, which are easy for imitators to ignore, or special physical marks that are easy for designers to see after imitation and have obvious differences. 2. The design uses imitation difficult anti-counterfeiting elements, and can also use expensive equipment and material production methods, this is also the production method commonly used in securities such as banknotes, checks, bonds, stocks and valuable paper coupons. 3. It is also difficult to realize to make full use of the methods of public easy identification, easy identification, visual identification or simple tool identification to complete the anti-counterfeiting design scheme, it is also an anti-counterfeiting technology that is easily recognized by customers and merchants. 4. Make full use of the equipment of each company, and insert corresponding anti-counterfeiting technologies according to the equipment and production process to make the anti-counterfeiting design personalized. 5. The design selects the combination method of adding special markers, special inks, special materials, special processes and special equipment that are easy to identify. Anti-counterfeiting labels are not simply displayed by using some anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting inks and design methods, it is an anti-counterfeiting label product designed by a combination of different raw materials, various anti-counterfeiting technologies, different printing processes, different printing methods and various inks. Although we cannot prevent counterfeiters from imitating, if high-tech technologies that are difficult to imitate are adopted, and at the same time, the basic knowledge of identifying the authenticity of products is publicized to consumers, that is, public identification, can play a role in curbing fraud and anti-counterfeiting.
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