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'Inclusion' of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-07
There are really too many types of anti-counterfeiting labels. Let’s talk about it today. One of the labels that we usually see is the laser anti-counterfeiting label. First of all, the appearance of the laser anti-counterfeiting label is very beautiful. It's easy to remember, everyone must have an impression but don't know what it is called. For example, the oval-shaped and very shiny label you see on a wine bottle is a laser anti-counterfeiting label. Then the editor has officially started to introduce laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Those who need to take notes, hurry up and get notes.

   First of all, let's understand what is a laser anti-counterfeiting label? Laser anti-counterfeiting label, also known as holographic anti-counterfeiting label, is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate-making technology and molded copy technology. The achievable plate-making technologies are: dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optics Random interference, Chinese and English uranium abbreviations, etc.

The role of    laser anti-counterfeiting labels is as follows:

  1. Fighting counterfeiting and supporting excellent products, protecting famous and high-quality goods;

  2. Prevent financial fraud;

  3. Maintain public safety;

How do    anti-counterfeiting products achieve these three main tasks?

  Anti-counterfeiting technology products accomplish these three main tasks through the following two functions:

  1. Prevent counterfeiting of goods

  2, to prevent the impersonation of personal identity.

   Commodity anti-counterfeiting generally has three lines of defense:

  1. Packaging anti-counterfeiting, such as disposable wrapping paper or packaging film, can be anti-counterfeiting paper or anti-counterfeiting film; if it is bottled, for example, a laser can be used to burn an anti-counterfeiting seal mark, or an anti-counterfeiting packaging structure can be used Wait.

  2. It is to affix anti-counterfeiting marks on goods or packaging, including laser holography, printing anti-counterfeiting, nuclear micro-hole anti-counterfeiting, marking distribution anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting and so on. Generally, multiple comprehensive anti-counterfeiting is used, and the number representing its unique identity on the product can be entered by telephone, mobile phone, etc., and the authenticity can be known from the returned information.

  3. It is called connotation anti-counterfeiting, that is, the use of material characteristics in the product or on the packaging of the product, the use of non-transferable copying of the material, and the use of recording and inspection of the material characteristics to achieve unique use. For example, put edible, non-toxic DNA in wine or medicines to check the authenticity.

   There are also two lines of defense for document security.

  1. It is an anti-document counterfeit, such as a financial magnetic card. A magnetic track can be preset on the genuine magnetic card, and a password can be encoded with permanent magnetic material. The authenticity can be distinguished by using this as a basis for machine reading.

  2. To identify the identity of the holder, such as a bank card, you need to enter a password, and the ATM can know the identity of the holder; a confidential department pass or a passport of a certain country must be entered at the entrance. Compare the fingerprint, face or iris information on the pass or passport, as well as the fingerprint, face or iris information reserved in the reader or on the database network to determine the authenticity of the identity of the holder.

   Its application fields are also very extensive, such as digital, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and the cost of such labels is generally low.

   The above is a small note from the editor on the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Have you written it down? Its shiny and bright color can also be changed. Is it your heartbeat? It can be exclusive to you Oh, no way, people are often visual animals, like beautiful colors, this laser anti-counterfeiting label really directly meets these appearance conditions, and the price is very affordable. Laser anti-counterfeiting label productionu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200b
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