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In what way does the traceability platform realize the control of the product?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-10
The traceability platform system planting information management, the work information record of seed/fertilizer procurement, sowing, irrigation, and fertilization, to the information record of picking and testing, the whole process of data collection and monitoring according to different batch numbers in the planting process, so as to realize the availability of information. Manage the planting process retrospectively.

   At the same time, use the application of Internet of Things technology in agriculture to build smart agriculture. Obtain plant growth environment information through wireless network, such as monitoring temperature, humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters, to realize the collection, management, display and analysis of all basic measuring point information, and automatic control and management of agricultural park operations.

  1. What levels of management can be achieved by the traceability platform?

  1. Industrial information management, agricultural products entering the factory, testing and processing, follow each batch number in turn for the whole process tracking and information collection, and each processed product will be given a corresponding batch number QR code label.

  2. Information management, using GPS/GIS technology to comprehensively monitor and manage the entire process of agricultural product transportation to ensure the reliability of the agricultural product transportation process.

  3. Information management, end-to-end sales: After consumers purchase agricultural products, they can trace the source by scanning the QR code label information, so that consumers can buy healthy and safe food.

  4. The platform website establishes an agricultural product anti-counterfeiting traceability network platform, and terminal consumers can directly inquire on the website according to the traceability code, track and understand agricultural product information from planting, deep processing, logistics, etc., and can query the authenticity.

   2. What is the value of product traceability?

   For users, you can check authenticity, trace the source, transparent consumption, enjoy health, etc.; for companies, you can set industry benchmarks, improve brand awareness, and prevent counterfeit products in the market.

  3. Specific operations of production traceability

  1. Work code. Work code refers to the quantity of each agricultural activity. For the convenience of users, it is recommended to code directly in the tabulation process.

  2. Date. Date refers to the date of agricultural activity. If multiple agricultural activities are carried out on the same day, they can be recorded on the same line.

  3. The use of pesticides, each use of pesticides must be recorded. The record includes the name of the pesticide used, the dosage, and the concentration of the water. Because different manufacturers have different pesticide formulations, the pesticide manufacturer, batch number, etc. need to be indicated in the remarks.

  4. When using chemical fertilizers, each chemical fertilizer application needs to be recorded, including the name, dosage and application method of the fertilizer.

   5. The use of herbicides, each use of herbicides also need to be recorded, the record includes the name of the fertilizer, dosage and application method.

   6. Agricultural records, agricultural production is quite complicated, so we cannot list all agricultural activities on the table. Therefore, you can use special; other agricultural activities, all agricultural activities except pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides can be recorded in the; other agricultural activities column.

  Tickets are used to record things that are not expected in advance but related to the traceability of agricultural products. What is the value of product traceability? For users, they can inquire about authenticity, trace the source, transparent consumption, and enjoy well-being; for enterprises, they can set industry benchmarks, improve brand awareness, and prevent counterfeit products in the market.

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