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In the control of electrostatic drum adhesive label printing?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-23
In the control of electrostatic drum adhesive label printing? < br /> < br /> hello, I am a small make up. How can the non-drying label printing effective control of static electricity? You should know that in the process of the adhesive label printing can form a lot of static electricity, in order to better improve the non-drying label printing quality and actual effect. The non-drying label manufacturers small make up friendship prompt you: printing adhesive labels can adopt the following several ways to effectively control the generation of static electricity so: < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> 1, the application with electrostatic grounding material: other ground objects can also be applied in other environment clean and tidy. Generally applied conductivity between the printing labels table mat, the ground lug on the soles, etc. < br /> < br /> 2, and application of antistatic coating and cleaning fluid, anti-static coatings and cleaning fluid mainly coated in take charge of the graphic area, the formation of electrostatic interaction is mainly problem here. Anti-static coating is a hydrogen chloride solution, has a highly volatile, with low metal ions, low levels of particulate matter, poly (PVC, stainless steel, PVC material or plastic coated surface without damage. Although the actual effects of antistatic coating is very significant, but it is not economical, not practical, this is because the coating price is more expensive, and in the graphic or equipment need to be repeated on the coated antistatic coatings. Antistatic coating according to reduce the friction material surface, the flow of electric charge to the ground, and to reduce the ability of the material forming electrostatic interactions. Most of the antistatic coatings have not corrosion irritating and not flammability. < br /> < br /> 3, with electrostatic materials surrounding gas ionization: make the material with electrostatic grounding does not actually, this is because is unlikely to make the material always in contact with the ground objects, such as metal materials, printing machines, when substrates from ground objects, and can form static electricity. So this way is only in the substrate surface humidity is 60% ~ 70%, with a conductive performance, make the printing machine under the condition of grounding. < br /> < br /> if you want to learn more about the non-drying label industry information, welcome to login our website, we will bring you more practical knowledge. www。 lg - 打印。 com
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