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In recent years, cosmetic accidents and recalls in the Chinese market have attracted more and more attention to product quality problems. Product quality problems are related

by:LG Printing     2020-02-16
First, what is product traceability? 1. With the frequent occurrence of product accidents, the concept of product traceability has spread rapidly in the market, and various scientific and technological enterprises have also joined in. Enterprises record the production, processing, packaging and other information of products through some scientific and technological means. Consumers can scan the two-dimensional codes on products through hardware such as mobile phones and PCs to inquire about product details anytime and anywhere, as long as they can find the product information, it means that your product has been tracked, so the price of this product will be much higher than the product without tracking. 2. The two-dimensional codes, one-dimensional codes and RFID tags that we often see are only media and channels to help consumers obtain information, not umbrellas for product quality. 3. Most companies will think that this is anti-counterfeiting, but in fact, this is not a sense of anti-counterfeiting. In the previous market, the traceability system has been counterfeited many times. The counterfeiter found a traceable company, which can make the same page and display it to consumers in the real traceable system, and consumers can't be real. In particular, some big brands have high unit price goods, low product cost and high fraud efficiency. Second, how to treat the QR code anti-counterfeiting label 1. At present, more and more enterprises will choose to print traceable two-dimensional codes on anti-counterfeiting labels. Such labels can not only prevent anti-counterfeiting of products, but also realize traceability of products. They are carriers of traceable two-dimensional codes for many enterprises. Two-dimensional code, also known as two-dimensional bar code, is a black-and-white figure distributed on a plane. It has certain geometric laws and is the key to all information data. 2. Ordinary two-dimensional codes cannot realize these functions. If we use two-dimensional codes to realize anti-counterfeiting traceability, we need this two-dimensional code to be variable and intelligent, which can distinguish the products produced by each enterprise, and summed up into an anti-counterfeiting traceability system, so that these products can be managed through this system. If the product's logistics information and other information changes, it can be updated in the system, so that consumers can see all traceable information from the birth of the product to the present. The system can also realize the anti-channeling management of products. If there is an error in the product sales area, the system will find it and inform the manager which batch and which distributor has escaped behavior, this is very helpful for product management. In fact, simply put, this system is to enable every product of the enterprise to access the Internet and monitor the entire life cycle of the product, thus realizing functions such as tracing and anti-smuggling.
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