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Improvement of self-worth in the anti-counterfeiting industry, reform of traceability system

by:LG Printing     2021-03-06

  If an anti-counterfeiting technology just stays at the stage of counterfeiting, it will definitely not develop. The progress of society and the development of science and technology have urged the anti-counterfeiting industry to carry out its own industrial reforms. Production technology, raw material sources, etc., have become a series of problems, so the arrival of the traceability system system has brought a new level of development to the brand enterprise.

   With the continuous upgrading of science and technology, the technological gap between genuine and fake products is getting smaller and smaller. Now, many fakes are confused in appearance. The difference in details is that the raw materials are produced. In order to reduce profits, fakes will not use raw materials obtained through formal means. This is the difference between genuine and fake products and the stage where the anti-counterfeiting traceability system comes into play.

The    anti-counterfeiting tracing system connects raw material collection, production and processing, verification and supervision, storage and transportation, terminal consumption and other full circulation links, presenting a healthy production and circulation process to consumers, thereby fundamentally improving consumers Trust in the business. Through the establishment of an information database, no matter which part of the product has a problem, it can be effectively controlled and recalled according to the back-end database of the traceability system to protect the rights and interests of consumers in a short time.


   Warehouse information management. The management of raw materials, additives, foods, and drugs records incoming and outgoing information, incoming and outgoing quantities, different types of raw materials and batch information managed by different batches, and reports relevant supplier information to provide a basis for reverse traceability.

   product material management. Material management of raw materials, semi-finished products and processed products, to ensure the transparency of the traceability of production information, to record the sales and shipment status of the source supplier to the distributor, and to provide the source and destination basis for the anti-counterfeiting traceability system.

   Early warning management. Provide early warning reminders of product and enterprise qualification information, and provide early warning of inventory margin related to the warehouse module to reduce risks and enterprise production losses.

   System personnel management. Manage the transparency of corporate information from bases, departments, positions, personnel to system participants, provide traceable information to end consumers, clarify system personnel responsibilities, increase participation and operational interest, and provide personnel basis for forward and reverse tracking Traceability query of the traceability system.

   Ingredients processing. Record the feed, reel hook combination and packaging. Record the production nodes such as feed, coil hook combination, packaging, etc., provide process sheet configuration and report function in the production process, optimize raw material feed and brewing process, configure equipment and process steps. The system is relatively independent and does not affect production efficiency.

  Quality inspection management. For the quality inspection and inspection of raw materials, packaging, and food, configurable quality inspection forms and detailed records of inspection items shall be provided, and domestic inspection standards shall be clarified to provide the basis for node control management for the traceability system.

  Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. has its own set of mature and perfect systems in the development of traceability systems and anti-sweeping systems. Provide customers with a certain degree of visual progress management. Adhering to the attitude of excellence in anti-counterfeiting products and anti-counterfeiting services, we continue to innovate and break through. Welcome to contact our company, we will provide you with the most sincere service.

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