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If the water-resistant antiperspirant lotion I bought has an anti-counterfeiting label on it, how can I ensure that it is a real anti-counterfeiting code?

by:LG Printing     2020-01-21
Scan and check it. Making anti-fake codes is a good identification of forgery that requires authorization, and it is illegal. Scanning two-dimensional codes and then comparing them according to information can basically determine whether true and false products can be forged, anti-counterfeiting labels are naturally forged or counterfeit, and you need to compare them with genuine ones to find them. However, there are relatively few people found in general. Yinglian Cathay Pacific has been focusing on anti-counterfeiting traceability for more than 10 years and has a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as RFID anti-counterfeiting labels. If necessary, please contact Yinglian Guotai: 4000-2323-99 RFID anti-counterfeiting label, contact me to send video to view the effect.
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