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Identification method of invisible anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2021-03-29
Because this technical application has two-way invisible anti-counterfeiting label performance ink, the fixed picture text, sample picture, number or flow circulation number are printed in the anti-counterfeiting label. This technicality has a very high concealment, and the human eye and touch can not find the concealment. When identifying its authenticity, use a special testing instrument. This technical circulation number can be used in the anti-counterfeiting system, and it can be used without the anti-counterfeiting system system. At the same time, it can be the fruit of the anti-counterfeiting system. This technicality is an invisible technology, which can effectively avoid being detected, and can effectively avoid being imitated. The anti-counterfeiting password and the product barcode can correspond (or not correspond), and search to destroy the label to achieve the behavior of fleeing goods.

  一. Its types are:

  1. Infrared light is invisible and anti-counterfeiting operability. Ink printing, infrared light-related materials are added for printing packaging pictures or encryption table points. The infrared light authenticator can be used for identification.

  2, UV light invisible anti-counterfeiting operability is the addition of UV light-related materials in the ink printing, which is used to print packaging pictures or add code points. The UV light authenticator can be used to perform identification.

  3. The anti-counterfeiting operability of the invisible spectrum analyzer is that the anti-counterfeiting spectrum analyzer is added to the ink printing, which is used for printing packaging drawings or encryption table points, and the special chromatograph can be used for identification.

  4. Laser generator invisible technology, in the laser generator plate making process and logo production and processing, the application of extraordinary craftsmanship, the production and processing into pictures that cannot be distinguished by the human eye, and the specified application, card set or Laboratory equipment to identify its content;

   5. In addition to the materials of printing machinery and equipment, there are also anti-counterfeiting ribbons and anti-counterfeiting toners.

  二. Identification measures

  1. Anti-counterfeiting label: imitating the technical application of stamps to invisible anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting labels with similar dimensions are gradually applying this technology. The previous anti-counterfeiting technology is not perfect enough, and the printed text, sample pictures, and numbers are average They are all in the style of broken pens. After several experiments, the flaws of broken pens have been repaired, which is conducive to the information content of the label under the fluorescent light to be more gentle and clear.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting system: At present, the most widely used anti-counterfeiting system on the market is to use product barcodes, and save data after scanning the barcodes. When there is a question of traceability, the product barcode is also used to find the root cause of the goods. Many frauds over time The author simply cut off the product barcode on the product tag. Without the product barcode, the traceability of the goods cannot be implemented, so that the problem of the goods has become a headache for many industries that require cost control.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting standard qualification certificate: qualification certificates can be used in various industries, including product authorization, agency qualification certificates, honor certificates, graduation certificates, jewelry firm certificates, skills certificates..., at this time Proof material that agrees with one person or the same thing is also the proof material that shows power. If some industries need agents to carry out business, then product authorization and agent qualification certificates will be used. Generally, everyone will lower their qualification certificates for comparison. So solemn, so that the design uniqueness and anti-counterfeiting standards are also high. When it comes to the uniqueness of the scheme design, it means that the surface layer cannot affect the appearance of the qualification certificate.

   has a different effect on transparent fluorescent color light than paper. Because most of the paper surface layer is treated with fluorescent whitening, the fluorescent whitening agent will announce blue-white light when irradiated by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the paper without fluorescent whitening agent is better than the paper containing fluorescent whitening agent. Transparent fluorescent ink shows There are inevitable differences in color performance. The demand is that for this reason, transparent fluorescent blue ink printing is not suitable for fluorescent paper containing fluorescent whitening agent, otherwise the blue fluorescence will be submerged in the blue color of the fluorescent whitening agent.
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