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ID card printers are limited in benefits and work

by:LG Printing     2020-07-08
The ID card printer with the help of ID card software, provides colorful custom cards designed to specification. The core objective of printing color on a plastic card is met while the printer performs other multiple functions. The printer may be encoding a magnetic stripe or other smart card during the same print pass. The printer has the capability of multitasking and keeping the process managed so that the completed card contains everything needed for its use. With increased technology there are a many models of ID card printers in the market. It is challenging to understand the manufacturer quality, model options, and other aspects of the industry. To determine the best printer, it is important to decide what features and capabilities is needed in the printer. That listing will eliminate some manufactures and many printer models. From there, it is personal preference that will eliminate the competitive choices. To determine the needed features, you first want to decide if you will need a single sided card or a dual sided card. Single sided cards are good for simple ID badges for business on a small budget. Dual sided cards cost more, but provide more real estate on the badge for printing information. Will you need a full color card or will you need a single color print? Full color is the most common print ribbon used; however, many companies will have a custom card preprinted. The card is then in need of customization on the spot. Many times a company will purchase a black monochrome ribbon to personalize cards through their card printer. The next step is to decide if the card will be encoded. The options are encoding smart cards, proximity cards or magnetic stripe cards. Many schools, hospitals and government agencies require additional information to be stored on the card. Another decision to be made is whether the card will contain security features such as a hologram. The hologram increases the security of the badge, preventing tampering with the data printed on the badge. When the answers to these questions are clear, it is time to approach an ID card systems integrator. They can take your information and provide a narrow list of printers matching your requirements. At that point, the selection is narrow and fairly easy. Most printers are plug_and_play so installation of the printer is a breeze. With a little preplanning, your ID card printer integration can be easier than imagined.
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