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I may be a little sensitive, temperature change security label

by:LG Printing     2021-03-15
Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels are very common in daily life, but such temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels that can change with environmental temperature changes are not common. Although there are not many temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels with certain characteristics, their anti-counterfeiting function is no less than that of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels.

  1. Anti-counterfeiting label based on the principle of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting

  The temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of dynamic color anti-counterfeiting label that displays a specific color or colorless at room temperature. When the temperature (high or low temperature) changes, its color will change significantly; its anti-counterfeiting principle is to use the label The hot ink changes color sensitively with changes in ambient temperature.

   2. What are the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels?

   The temperature change anti-counterfeiting label is difficult to copy, easy to check, and has the characteristics of not being successfully copied by a third party within a certain period of time. Because of its easy inspection, it is often used in auto parts, light industry, machinery, building materials, chemical, electronics and other industries, and it has been widely used in the early single temperature change anti-counterfeiting. With the popularization of digital anti-counterfeiting technology, multiple temperature-change anti-counterfeiting and digital anti-counterfeiting applications are combined, so that the use of anti-counterfeiting labels is stronger and the query speed is faster.

   3. What are the temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels?

  1. High-temperature anti-counterfeiting labels: ordinary high-temperature anti-counterfeiting labels are baked with a lighter, which is common in many wine packaging and labels, and can change from colorless to red, black to red, etc.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting can be manually detected

   This kind of temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label is printed with special ink. The principle of discoloration is that when the external temperature of the ink reaches a certain temperature range, the internal chemical structure of the ink changes, and then the logo appears in different colors. The distinguishing method can be to touch the logo with your hand or forehead, or you can breathe quietly before the logo. Or use high-temperature heating to change the logo image, so that users can immediately distinguish the authenticity of the purchased product.

  3. Low temperature identification type anti-counterfeiting

   temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels are used for refrigerated food or refrigerated signs. This anti-counterfeiting technology is specifically used in the beverage and refrigerated food industries.

   Fourth, the value of manufacturing temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels

  1. Putting temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels on products, one of the important functions is to show the standardization of products, so that consumers feel at ease when buying, and bring better store reputation to the company.

  2. After anti-counterfeiting, the temperature-change anti-counterfeiting label can effectively resist counterfeiting by counterfeiters. Anti-counterfeit products cannot be counterfeited. Even if they are counterfeit, they can be explained well. After temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels and other similar anti-counterfeiting technologies, the possibility of products being counterfeited is now very low, and the use of product anti-counterfeiting technologies is also diverse. The cost of counterfeiting by counterfeiters is too high. If there is no profit, there will be no fraud. Anti-counterfeiting products can help improve the reputation of the company. If the product brand is fraudulently faked in the market, consumers will not dare to buy branded products. Therefore, the company has It is necessary to consider pre-prevention and post-mortem attacks.

  The way for consumers to quickly identify the authenticity of your products is to put anti-counterfeit labels on the products. Products with anti-counterfeit labels can not only play a role in anti-counterfeiting, but also establish a good brand image for the company. The anti-counterfeiting temperature change label is introduced to everyone. If you need to make temperature-change anti-counterfeiting labels, please contact Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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