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Huge market demand for self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-26
The demand for personalized self-adhesive label' target='_blank'>labels on the Internet is increasing. Traditional offset printing, gravure printing, letterpress resin printing or flexographic printing are mainly suitable for the production of large quantities of printed products. Constrained by cost. Tens of thousands of small labels can only synthesize several thousand or even hundreds of six- and eight-fold single sheets of paper. The web label printer is not cost-effective when printing such jobs. In terms of printing products, small batch jobs require low cost and short delivery time; and product quality often requires bright colors, and most of the hierarchical layouts composed of dots. According to this situation, many small printing companies have adopted six-carriage monochromatic offset printing presses for four-color overprinting, which also achieved very good results.

In combination, it has the following advantages. In offset printing, relief printing, gravure printing and other printing, offset printing is undoubtedly the lowest cost printing method. In the pre-press process, compared to the complicated plate making process of the flexographic plate, the production, filming, and printing process of the PS plate is a familiar way for the printing factory. From a technical point of view, all printing plants have switched to offset printing after eliminating lead printing. Therefore, there is no additional burden. If you use a roll-to-roll adhesive printing machine, there will be more than ten meters of paper loss as soon as you start it. If the overprint adjustment is not good, and the unit type printing machine has a longer paper path, the waste will be greater. The offset printing machine can use other paper to make plate paper, saving self-adhesive materials.

Compared with embossing and flexographic printing plates, the price of offset printing plates is very low and does not require much auxiliary materials . When printing paper of different thicknesses, the printing pressure can be adjusted at will. In terms of operation, offset printing technicians are also easy to hire, and the technical threshold is not high. The practice of the printing factory has proved that the cost of printing small self-adhesive labels with an offset printing machine can be reduced to 'cents'. If it is processed with supplied materials, even if the profit is calculated by 'centi' or 'milliDifferent from the self-adhesive labels in Japan and other countries, the self-adhesive labels in my country are mostly composed of rich layers of graphics and text, especially small-batch labels, which often require bright colors. Offset printing has advantages in dot printing, and on-the-spot printing is not inferior. If you need to increase the thickness of the ink, you can take advantage of the accuracy of overprinting for secondary printing. Because it is printed in small batches, time can be guaranteed.

Using offset printing quick-drying ink, adding a desiccant to the ink, and spraying powder after printing can also effectively solve the printed matter Dirty problem, improve printing speed. Other related introductions The determination of a label production process route and the determination of raw materials are related to the customer's label application effect. Keeping track of the label application and problems in time is of great importance to improving the process route and improving the overall quality of the self-adhesive label. Therefore, it is necessary for material suppliers and printing plants to visit end customers regularly.

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