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How to tell the authenticity of Estee Lauder cream?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-14
Winter is coming soon. I believe that many people know that the more autumn and winter, the better they will know that the cream is easy to use. In the summer, many people think that the cream is too greasy, but in the winter, this kind of moisture retention is better. It's just right, especially Estee Lauder cream is very popular with consumers, but it is also very fake and inferior. Let's take a look at the anti-counterfeiting methods to identify the authenticity of Estee Lauder cream.

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   1. How to check the authenticity of Estee Lauder cream:

  1. The sealing strip on the packaging box: After getting the product, we first look at the sealing strip on the packaging box, which is a paper strip with a pattern on the opening of the packaging box. Many people compare this point. Easily overlooked. The authenticity is very tightly attached, and the edges and corners can be seen very clearly. It can be seen that the stickers are very careful. The seal strip of the imitation product was just glued to it, without careful treatment at all, and the edges and corners passed directly, proving that the packaging was not careful.

  2. Internal packaging: After opening the box, let’s take a look at the difference in internal packaging. In order to facilitate the user to open the box, the genuine product has a semi-circular notch. The imitation may be for simplicity, there is no semi-circular gap inside the box. In addition, we look at the color of the inner packaging. The genuine product is off-white. The fake product is obviously whiter than the real product. If you look carefully, there are some fine edges on it, while the genuine product is smooth and there is nothing.

  3. Bottle body: Next, let’s compare the difference of the bottle body. The font color of the authentic bottle is black, which looks clear and tidy. The font on the fakes is a bit gray, and it doesn't look so clear. In addition, we note that the bottom of the genuine bottle is thicker and has better transparency, while the bottom of the imitation bottle is relatively thinner, which can be clearly seen from the text. And the bottom of the bottle looks dirty, not so clear.

  4. Inner cover: The inner cover is the part that is in direct contact with the product, so its quality is more critical. The genuine inner cover is made of disposable white plastic with English logo printed on it, which looks like a kind of A sense of security. The inner cover of the imitation product is flesh-colored plastic, and the safety of the product cannot be guaranteed. We also have concerns when using it. If we see that the inner cover of the product is this kind of flesh-colored, then it is recommended not to use it.

   5. Bottle caps: bottle caps are also easy to distinguish, we can distinguish them mainly by looking at the logo. The authenticity logo uses a matte bottom surface, and no flaws can be seen on it. The imitation product not only has a smooth bottom surface, but also has two inexplicable points on the logo. I don't know if it was left on purpose or not cleaned up. After this, everyone should know, if the bottom surface of the trademark on the bottle cap is not frosted, then it must be carefully considered.

   6. Look at the manual: The product manual is for everyone to understand the product. The genuine product is also more delicate in this respect. It is folded by a machine and looks flat. The imitations are mostly hand-folded, which is rough, and the edges are not neatly folded. Moreover, the authenticity manual is very straightforward without any tape, and the imitation product has to be bound with tape. In addition, there are also differences on the back of the manual, which we will see clearly through the pictures.

   The above is an introduction to the anti-counterfeiting query method for distinguishing the authenticity of Estee Lauder face cream. I hope it will be helpful to everyone; everyone has the method to distinguish the authenticity, so that the counterfeiters are unprofitable. Counterfeiters will no longer make fakes, and there are no more fakes on the market; if you want to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, please come to consult us. We are an anti-counterfeiting technology company established with the technical support of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The enterprise is a high-tech company with information service as its core, and its product anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, and product quality traceability are high-tech companies with advantageous industrial projects.

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