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How to realize the anti-counterfeiting technology for the disappearance of dripping water?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-12
The anti-counterfeiting printing of anti-counterfeiting is simple and easy to operate in anti-counterfeiting detection. It only needs a drop of water to smear the label during identification. It is an advanced anti-counterfeiting technology in China.

  一. Principle

The anti-counterfeiting technology of    is mixed with substances that can produce biochemical reactions. You can first use this additive to mark the packaging products and printed products to be anti-counterfeit invisible to the naked eye, and then select chemical reagents according to the formula. When using micro-heating, wetting, rubbing and other methods to operate, the text or pattern will be revealed. Due to the complex chemical composition of the additive, it is very difficult to counterfeit, and some important documents have adopted this anti-counterfeiting technology. Production conditions of anti-counterfeiting technology for disappearing dripping water.

  二. Anti-counterfeiting technology production conditions

The manufacturing of    dripping disappearing technology requires high-quality scientific and technical personnel. Both high-energy physics technology and nanotechnology are the top technologies in the world today, and only a few countries in the world can master it. The distribution of the holes in the microscopic view is not uniform, and they are distributed according to a random law. The anti-counterfeiting mark with anti-counterfeiting technology produced by China Ion Accelerator, its channels are basically translucent and parallel, and the anti-counterfeiting mark with anti-counterfeiting technology processed by nanotechnology , Its micro-channels have a certain scattering angle distribution, and the disappearing effect is more obvious and complete, and the latter is not easy to imitate.

  三. Identification method

  1. Use the micro-holes formed by the ion and nanometers in the pattern for anti-counterfeiting, and observe the anti-counterfeiting mark of the dripping disappearing technology made of nano-materials with a thickness of ten meters under the academic microscope. You can observe the dripping disappearing technology anti-counterfeiting The logo pattern part is composed of a large number of micron-sized holes.

  2. Use the permeability of micro-channels for anti-counterfeiting identification. Paint the pattern of the anti-counterfeiting mark with water, wine and other liquids. As the holes are filled with liquid, the optical structure of the surface changes and the pattern becomes shallow and disappears gradually.

  3. Use a high-power magnifying glass for anti-counterfeiting identification. Use a 120-fold magnifying glass to carefully observe the pattern part of the anti-counterfeiting mark, and you can see that the pattern is composed of irregular dots.

  4. The color of the graphic text printed with this ink will change from white to colorless after dripping water, and its color will be restored after evaporation, and the anti-counterfeiting effect will change from colored to colorless;

  5. After encountering water, it will gradually penetrate and loosen, the graphics and text will become blurred, and the color will not return to the original pattern,

   Four. Application field

   is widely used in general label paper for mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, wine, food, cosmetics, multi-color product labels, and is suitable for information labels for stationery and decorations.

   Five. Advantages

  This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology of genuine products is a nano-level anti-counterfeiting technology with relatively simple anti-counterfeiting detection and easy operation. Consumers only need to apply a drop of water on the pattern during identification, then the pattern will disappear, and the pattern will be restored after the water dries. .

  Drip disappearing anti-counterfeiting label is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology developed on the basis of drip filter technology. Our genuine anti-counterfeiting company uses selected irradiation and etching to make translucent micro-holes in the part of the anti-counterfeiting label. Equipped with special ink, if the surface of the ink is a pattern, the pattern disappears when exposed to water, and then resumes after the water dries. It ends with the addition of special printing inks and special plate-making processes, hiding the text or pictures so that they cannot be seen by the naked eye, and can only use water droplets, and the water droplets and ink react with each other to achieve the effect.

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