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How to prevent theft of anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-23

Some customers look for everyone and say that the anti-counterfeiting labels made by a certain company in the past have been counterfeited, and there are many counterfeit anti-counterfeiting labels. Can your company avoid this situation? Let’s talk about what to do if there are imitations on the anti-counterfeiting labels? What should I do if the anti-counterfeiting label is stolen?

1: What should I do if the anti-counterfeiting label appears imitation?

Answer: Anti-counterfeiting labels appear imitations, generally there are two situations, one is that the anti-counterfeiting technology used to make the anti-counterfeiting labels is too simple, and the other is that the anti-counterfeiting labels are being processed. During the process, the control was not strict, and the logo was stolen.

1. Select an anti-counterfeiting company with overall strength to produce anti-counterfeiting labels. This kind of company has strong machinery and equipment technology and extremely strict control of goods, which can ensure The quality of the product.

2. Use extremely complex anti-counterfeiting technology to make anti-counterfeiting labels, such as the anti-counterfeiting of enterprise four-dimensional portrait pictures. It is unlikely that there are fake and shoddy goods.

3. Anti-counterfeit label products produced by the fusion of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as: laser anti-counterfeiting printing plate + code query anti-counterfeiting + one-time anti-counterfeiting raw materials, The inquired laser holographic anti-counterfeiting products.

4. Using unique processing technology, such as UV puzzle + UV stamping + positioning navigation packaging printing, such as precise positioning of cat eye movie logo.

Two: What should I do if the anti-counterfeiting label is stolen?

Answer: The conversion and management method of anti-counterfeiting system software anti-counterfeiting code has serious and meticulous rationality and strict order management system, and anti-counterfeiting label production work standard , To ensure that each stage of the entire process of anti-counterfeiting label packaging and printing has a safety factor of aspect ratio:

1. Anti-counterfeiting enterprise anti-counterfeiting label market sales business Department and anti-counterfeiting search server maintenance technology separation management method, the sales market unit submits an order to the technical unit based on the manufacturer’s anti-counterfeiting label order information;

2. Technical department transformation The password for operating the mobile phone software as an anti-counterfeiting number is managed by a dedicated staff department, to ensure that the anti-counterfeiting label number and market operation units are thoroughly protected;

3. The company receives After the anti-counterfeiting label, the National Anti-counterfeiting Inquiry Center will use the anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeiting code to check the website. If it is lost or stolen in the middle, the login password can be abolished, and it will not cause all losses to the network license company.

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