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How to prevent fake vouchers?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-19
Gold vouchers are also fraudulent, and the counterfeiting techniques are superb. Counterfeit vouchers are really hard to guard against. The voucher is a valuable ticket, which can be directly effective after being stamped. It is a way for companies to guide consumers to make secondary consumption. If the voucher is counterfeited, it will definitely be lost. There are more and more merchants using vouchers for promotion. On the one hand, vouchers do not require companies to invest a lot of cost in the early stage. They are only used when consumers use them for consumption. When consumers use them, they can be used in their own malls. If you are a target customer, you are willing to receive a replacement voucher; on the other hand, although the voucher cannot be withdrawn, it is no different from cash for consumers in need, so consumers are still willing to receive it. Yes, so the vouchers are used more and more times.

  一. The necessity of adding anti-counterfeiting vouchers:

  The vouchers are convenient and quick to use and can serve the purpose of remarketing, but if the issued vouchers are counterfeited, it will cause immeasurable losses to the enterprise. The vouchers are valuable coupons that can take effect directly after being stamped. The original purpose of the company is to allow consumers to make a second consumption. If the vouchers are counterfeited, the company will not only fail to remarket, but will also suffer huge losses.

  二. Various anti-counterfeiting technologies for vouchers:

  1. The anti-counterfeiting coupon design uses the Montai version of anti-counterfeiting design software, which can design anti-counterfeiting effects such as flowers, laces, embossments, microfilms, etc.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting coupons are printed on banknote and anti-counterfeiting paper (watermark paper, security thread paper, bond paper, watermark, microcapsule paper, etc.).

  3. Anti-counterfeiting coupons use money-printing anti-counterfeiting inks (fluorescent ink, watermark ink, mirror color-changing ink, photosensitive ink, OVI ink).

  4. Anti-counterfeiting coupons can be printed in four-color spot color or gravure printing.

  5. The anti-counterfeiting coupons also use the logistics number to facilitate retrospective inquiry.

  6. According to the needs of your own products or this event, choose feasible anti-counterfeiting methods. There are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting methods, some of which are costly, some are difficult to operate, and you have to choose according to your needs.

  7. The anti-counterfeiting methods applicable to coupons generally include: tulip flowers, lace, embossing, microfilming, etc. These are simple anti-counterfeiting methods commonly used in making coupons. However, these can not meet the anti-counterfeiting needs. A little bit of anti-counterfeiting methods: voice anti-counterfeiting, mask anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, etc.

   8. Make anti-counterfeiting coupons, and will recommend the use of anti-counterfeiting printing; the anti-counterfeiting combination of group flower/shading + voice anti-counterfeiting, this combination has both basic anti-counterfeiting functions and anti-counterfeiting methods that are difficult to copy, which can achieve better results The anti-counterfeiting effect. The voice is a special encrypted password printed on the coupon, and the authenticity can be distinguished by a voice detection pen, which is convenient and practical.

  9. Coupon anti-counterfeiting production Find a manufacturer with one-stop service of design, production, and anti-counterfeiting printing. The protection of coupons is particularly important. Domestic companies such as Jiangwei have comprehensive service capabilities for anti-counterfeiting design, anti-counterfeiting production, and anti-counterfeiting printing.

   Voice anti-counterfeiting printing needs to be encrypted and concealed printing; the group flower or shading needs to be newly designed, non-universal version, and it can only bring anti-counterfeiting effect. The scope of coupon coverage, the duration and continuity of activities also have a great impact on consumer usage. The wider the coverage, the more consumers will benefit. The time limit for coupons should be properly controlled. If the validity period is too long or too short, the coupon usage rate will be reduced. The expiration time of the coupon can be set to a few days after the next important promotion and before the next promotion.

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