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How to paste the adhesive label paper?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-23

the non-drying label paper for everyone not unfamiliar, so how to paste the adhesive label paper? By printing small make up tell you right now, I hope to be of help.

1, the suitable paste paste the effect is the basic environment. So before the paste to keep the environment clean, dust more places if directly paste the non-drying label, it is difficult to stick firmly.

2, paste should be ready before work, hands to clean; To avoid dust and sweat, there is water, affecting the viscosity and loss of appearance.

3, posted surfaces should be kept clean; Oil, water, dust makings content will affect the label paste adhesion, appeared the situation required with water, alcohol, dry cloth to be stick a label again after cleaning.

4, paste, the operator's fingers as far as possible, don't touch the glue part, or a corner clean hands after exposure to label small area, avoid weakening the label paste.

5, a complete paste action, avoid in the process of the paste position wrong again to paste.

6, after the completion of the paste, with a clean finger uniform pressure.

7, the label paste 24 hours after the maximum from the viscosity values.

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