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How to impact is anti-counterfeit labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-26
All say anti-counterfeiting labels can impact, but that is how to do? Just a label, where can the anti-counterfeiting function? Many people would think so, feel to buy a security label just buy a reassuring, did not expect anti-counterfeiting labels can bring much effect to make false false. So now how to parse analytic anti-counterfeiting labels do impact of false. Fake goods is how to? < br />
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say anti-counterfeiting, first say how you are fakes, why fake goods less abroad, domestic fake goods more? This involves the consciousness of people, there is a certain relationship with the national conditions, direct is the lack of consciousness of copyright. Fortress in a few years ago, piracy is everywhere, with pirated goods fake goods will not be completely blow, everyone's habits, which creates a brand now began to set up a positive image but not the public recognition, moreover with the pirated goods to ridicule with genuine goods, cry, not guilty of piracy, piracy, with genuine goods is fool, a few years ago the Internet emerged a large number of this event, with the free pirated software to lambaste sell genuine software, buy genuine software, so rampant piracy, fake fake goods so this is the reason, there is no copyright consciousness. How carries an anti-counterfeit label for the depth resolution anti-counterfeiting < br />
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1. Lack of awareness of copyright is the problem that people as a whole, but fundamental interests are still problems, if fraud can not profit, it is not there will be someone to fraud. The fake goods less abroad, domestic fake how and why? Abroad have high consciousness of copyright, of course, so few people would go to fraud, but the important thing is the cost of fraud is higher than the cost of a real fake unprofitable, so fake. But not completely, some rich countries in southeast Asia, there is also a fake goods, such as false durian, but most of the tech industry, basic is no fakes, is because of the high cost of fraud.

  2. Domestic there are plenty of cheap labor force, and some fake goods is the participation of family type, their land, their manpower, thereby greatly reducing the cost of fraud, use out of the old type machine, with cheap industrial materials, basic is a fraud industry chain, so cheaply made fake emerge in endlessly, cannot be cut off.

  3. Fake interest, or need consumers to pay, nobody is buying goods won't someone to produce the corresponding fakes, so brands is fake the worst-hit areas. Brands are now, of course, will have their own custom type anti-counterfeiting labels, it has been proved that the effect of the anti-counterfeiting labels from the front.

  4. Brand goods do the anti-counterfeit labels, then fake natural also need't fake anti-counterfeit labels is equivalent to tell since the world I was fake, it is not no one bought, so fake also anti-counterfeit labels, how to the anti-counterfeiting labels? Look for the sort of dirty presses, let them generic anti-counterfeit labels, third-rate anti-counterfeiting printing qualification only look at the order and are fakes, enterprise to create brand to avoid these third-rate anti-counterfeiting printing.

  5. Check anti-counterfeiting is using the phone messages before, but now you are basically phone WeChat, because qr code anti-counterfeiting tag technology further, all brand check security are now through WeChat number, the public and WeChat is a certified public, is an enterprise portal, fake no qualification, is unable to apply to the regular size WeChat public, so even if false label, didn't also the way of effective query, even in public, don't go, even with normal anti-counterfeiting code, but now has a yard, bulk copy a qr code data, but can only have a valid query, produce more fake also of no help, it is easy to distinguish true and false.

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