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How to identify counterfeit and shoddy watches?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-14
As we all know, there are a lot of counterfeit and shoddy watches in the domestic market. In order to obtain high profits, counterfeiters often make imitations of trademarks and appearances, making them identical and impeccable at first glance. Even the packaging, manuals and production licenses are all complete. . However, it uses a movement that is not compatible with the brand, or the selection of parts is inferior. Next, the editor will introduce to you the anti-counterfeiting query methods to distinguish the authenticity of the watch from the appearance.

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   1. How to distinguish the authenticity of a watch from its appearance:

   1. From the perspective of the watch mirror: sapphire crystals are generally used in famous watches. With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit. Sapphire crystals for fake watches are generally easy to see, because fake watches will not be coated with an anti-reflection layer on the mirror in order to reduce costs, not to mention double-layer coating, so the reflection is serious under the light, although the dripping does not melt, but It only needs to be irradiated with ultraviolet light, the reflection is very serious; due to the anti-reflection coating of the real watch, there is not much reflection under strong light, and there is purple or blue glare.

  2. Weight: Now fake watches, especially ROLEX, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, a lead ring is used in the fake watch to ensure the weight of the fake watch, but you can try the weight of other parts, such as the bracelet part, The weight is much lighter. At the same time, the general fake watches are relatively light, even if the lead ring; ballast is used, the feeling in the hand is also strange.

  3. Handlebar: Generally, the handlebar of the fake watch is easy to be exposed. The handles of the fake watches will use the same process, and the polished and coated parts are uneven, whether it is plated or gold-plated, but there are always different shades. If you look closely, you can see the white part. If the case that is made relatively real is not easy to be noticed, you can carefully observe the head part. In addition, many famous watches have their own specifications, while fake watches are almost the same. This can be easily seen by just looking at the appearance of the real watch.

  4. Back cover: The back cover of the imitation watch is not made according to the preparation of the famous watch. Some (such as OMEGA, AP, etc.) make the original screw cap into a press cover. Friends who are interested may wish to pay attention to it by themselves. Some watch back covers are octagonal or with a few screw back covers. In order to save costs, fake watches will produce nondescript screw-cap shape glands.

  5. Literal: Literally, you can easily find traces of handwriting with 8x eyepieces

  6. Bracelet: The workmanship of the bracelet can clearly see that the traces of handwork must be imitation watches. Although some fake watch straps with butterfly buckles are made more delicate, they have rough and unpolished details in the movable corners. Just be careful you can find the flaws.

  7. Hands: The fake hands are carefully observed with eyepieces, and tiny traces can be found. Those are the marks of tweezers left during installation. Real watches will never see similar traces. The shape of the hands of the watch is obviously different from that of the real watch. Even if I have seen a real J watch, the second hand can still see the problem. The second hand of the fake watch is rough and relatively short. This is a major problem, the real watch Generally, the second hand is longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand.

   The above is an introduction to the anti-counterfeiting inquiry method for distinguishing the authenticity of the watch, I hope it will be helpful to everyone; if you want to know more about the anti-counterfeiting inquiry method of the product, you can consult us, we are a company with many years of experience in making anti-counterfeiting High-tech enterprises, we rely on innovative technology, sophisticated products and reliable services, we are committed to providing personalized, professional and serialized value-added products and services for famous enterprises, constantly exceeding customer expectations, and creating value for customers.

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