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How to distinguish the authenticity of Liqun cigarettes?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-17
There are thousands of cigarette brands in my country. One of them is Liqun, which has experienced 57 years. Liqun is now a brand that the majority of smokers like very much. Liqun has won consumers’ approval for its mellow and elegant style. . However, there are many fake and inferior Liqun cigarettes on the market. How can we distinguish the authenticity of Liqun cigarettes? Let's take a look at the anti-counterfeiting methods for identifying the authenticity of Liqun cigarettes.

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   1. The anti-counterfeiting inquiry method to distinguish the authenticity of Liqun cigarettes:

  1. Look at the strip package: the genuine and famous cigarette strip package is flat with transparent paper, and the mouth is ironed with a soldering iron to make it smooth and clean; the strip package is sealed with mechanical dots. Fake strips are often packaged with inferior and old crystals, which are uneven and smooth; the flaps and seals are mostly glued; the strips are loosely packaged, and the hand feels soft and hard.

   2. Look at the cigarette case: Liqun’s small packet cigarette case is packaged in transparent paper, and the pull head of the pull string is in the shape of a small table, and the adhesion is strong and flat. The transparent paper of fake cigarettes is not flat and loose. The pull-tab head is generally flat, and most of them do not have a head; the pull-tape and the transparent paper are not bonded; the transparent paper of the cigarette box is uneven after being pulled.

  3. Look at the trademark: Liqun strips and small bags have the same trademarks, with clear patterns and handwriting; fake cigarettes are printed coarsely, with different colors, illegible handwriting, some letters are incomplete, Chinese pinyin and English have errors and omissions.

  4. Koukou Flower: Liqun Kouhua is usually printed with the same name of the manufacturer as the strip and box, and the width is the same. The joint is a combination of two thin strips, which are easy to open without breaking. The mouth of the fake cigarette is inconsistent with the name of the manufacturer on the strip and box, and the width is different. The mouth of the mouth is sealed with glue or paste and is not easy to open.

  5. Look at the eye of the needle: The eye of the needle is left by the mechanical packaging of cigarettes. The two cuts at the corners at the bottom of the horizontal packaging box, and the cut on the side of the vertical package after the seal is unsealed is the eye of the needle. However, the fakes are hand-wrapped without pinholes, and there are obvious signs of scissors.

  6. Look at cigarettes: Liqun cigarette filters have neat cuts, no stubble, cigarettes are evenly rolled in thickness, moderately soft and hard, and the stamp, machine number, and month are clearly written. The cigarettes are neatly placed up and down. The surface of the cigarettes is clean and built. There is no dust in the mouth; the opposite is true for fake cigarettes.

  7. Look at the mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of Liqun cigarettes is full and does not leak air. Fake cigarettes generally have no filter inside the paper, and the mouthpiece is loose and easy to leak.

   8. Look at the cut tobacco: Liqun’s cut tobacco has fewer stems and has been expanded to make the cut tobacco oily and shiny. Fake tobacco shredded tobacco has a lot of stems, and there is even a mixture in the shredded tobacco. The shredded tobacco is dull and blue-brown.

  9. Smell: Liqun has a special natural fragrance of tobacco. Fake cigarettes are excessively flavored or use inferior flavors, smelling it, have uncomfortable flavors, or have a flat aroma.

  10. Burning: Liqun smoking has a pure fragrance. The intensity is appropriate, the irritation is small, and the aftertaste is comfortable. It does not automatically extinguish after being ignited. The soot is grayish white and not easy to scatter; the fake tobacco leaves are generally untreated, the throat feels pungent, and the aftertaste is uncomfortable; it is easy to extinguish after being ignited. Explosive, easy to fall.

   The above is the anti-counterfeiting inquiry method for distinguishing the authenticity of Liqun cigarettes. Only by knowing more about the introduction of anti-counterfeiting inquiry methods can you avoid buying fake and inferior products. After all, no one wants to spend money to sell fakes; Shanghai Shang The source anti-counterfeiting official website will continue to update some knowledge about anti-counterfeiting query methods.

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