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How to design the stickers? Printing for you

by:LG Printing     2021-03-02
How to design the stickers? The main points of the design of stickers have? A lot of friends all don't know, but it doesn't matter, now announced by printing small make up to you, hope to be of help.

the design main points of the stickers are as follows:

1, the label design is good or bad will directly reflect the quality of the product packaging and at the same time can also affect the consumer purchase intention. So in the packaging label is overall the crystallization of wisdom, a good label design for the entire product packaging picture a beautiful scenery line, as a designer label, you must master label all kinds of situation, can effective play to the advantages of labels and role, to continuous innovation and design reasonable, beautiful label.

2, reduce costs, to reduce the label by adjusting the colour and edition to get effective control. But the premise must be not affect label design fashion and beautiful, does not affect the consumers to purchase products under the condition of desire, by reducing the label color number to effectively control the cost, this will put forward higher request to designers. Designers must through more rigorous analysis, more scientific and reasonable resolution label articles, integrating color, through the combination of the color or four color, the design is reasonable and beautiful.

for example, you may want to consider from the original 10 color printing reduced to eight color printing, can consider from the original eight color printing reduced to six color printing, can be considered from three reduced to two color printing color printing, can consider to sales for some large products, control the label printing chromatic number within six color printing and so on method, effectively reduce the cost, it is the enterprise in the special environment must do special measures.

3, to be extraordinary, can use special label materials. Under the precondition of the same design, printing, can change the label material to achieve special visual effect. A shampoo tags, for example, you can choose white, bright silver on the surface of the fog, transparent PE label material, also can choose transparent, bright white, bright silver PP label material, there are super transparent BOPP label material, and gold, silver, white, transparent PET label material, there are a lot of special effects of iridescence carries an anti-counterfeit label for the film and special materials, mould labeling materials can choose, at the same time also can design and print out the effect of different labels.

for example, opaque and transparent, translucent, metal, matte, light, colorful, pearl effect, etc. , so let's dig in numerous materials, look for differences.

4, through technological innovation, to label a good performance. Various process combination is one of the more popular a kind of printing way, through a variety of printing advantages to craft effective combination, can put the label performance play incisively and vividly. For example: by gravure, flexo printing, silk, cold and UV, one-time completion of label printing and processing, make label design give full play to the personality; Use gravure or cold wave characteristics and effect, on the surface of silver printing or hot stamping printing color, add drum screen printing is white, so to achieve the effect of a kind of very special; Can also through characteristic effect material printing, hollow out with location technology, produce local metal effect or laser effect with a transparent label printing. In short, as long as you study hard tags related knowledge, there are many different ways to play the effect of different design.

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