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How to design an 'enchanted' stickers

by:LG Printing     2021-03-02

stickers, often can see in a lot of product packaging, can not only identify the nature of the product, also can give a person a kind of the feeling that find everything new and fresh, for stickers, design is also an important link.

design stickers, must be skilled in all kinds of labels, stickers can play their role, to constant innovation and design reasonable, beautiful stickers.

in the first place, can change the label material to achieve special visual effect, show distinctive features, like bright silver PP label material, super transparent BOPP label material, there are all kinds of PET label materials, as well as some special effect of iridescence carries an anti-counterfeit label for the film and special material, etc.

second, innovation process, the various technology together, make the sticker can also have many advantages, such as by gravure, silk edition, flexo, cold plus UV, make label printing and processing, give full play to the sticker individuality; Or use the gravure printing or cold put on silver or the surface of the hot stamping color, add roller printing white and thus show special effect. If you want to reduce the cost reduces by adjusting the label colour and edition, as does not affect beautiful and use, need to have a higher design requirements, the label manuscript do scientific split, integration of color, combine the color or four color.

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