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How to customize the production of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-23

Holographic anti-counterfeiting is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology developed by the application of laser holographic technology, also known as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. Laser holography technology is a kind of stereo photography technology that has developed rapidly after lasers came out in the 1960s. With the advancement of other anti-counterfeiting technologies, holographic anti-counterfeiting has also received new developments and applications. So how is the laser mark produced?

I. Design and inspection of logo exterior pattern:

Laser anti-counterfeiting label pattern For design observation, you must hold the laser sign and watch it under the line light source. For example, under the sun or incandescent light, you will see bright and clear pattern designs (such as unclear pattern designs on rainy days or under fluorescent light sources). If the pattern design is not clear at first under the line light source, you need to Turn and move the viewing angle of the laser marking until it is clear.

2. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting paste:

A. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting The logo is pasted on a smooth, flat, and clean anti-stick backing paper (the unique product must be made of special super glue, and the customer communicates and clearly identifies the adherend before placing the order information).

B. When obtaining the anti-counterfeiting mark from the anti-adhesive backing paper, the anti-adhesive backing paper should be stretched to the opposite side along the parallel line of the edge of the anti-counterfeiting mark to be taken. The anti-counterfeiting mark is automatically lifted up partly from the glue-free paper.

C. When obtaining the upturned mark from the tape-removing paper, the hands should be cleaned and tidy, not containing dust, oil stains, water marks, etc., hands and anti-counterfeiting The adhesive surface of the label and the bottom layer is not suitable to be touched very much, and use moderate force to prevent damage to the label and the viscosity of the bottom layer; when obtaining the anti-counterfeiting label, all normal revealing rules should be followed. Suitable too fast, too fast will easily damage the anti-counterfeiting mark; it is forbidden to pick up the anti-counterfeiting mark from the adhesive tape immediately.

D. When sticking anti-counterfeiting labels, the surface of the affixed object should be clean and tidy, avoiding dust, oil stains and water marks; when the label is attached to the affixed object On the surface, use your fingers to forcefully flatten the anti-counterfeiting mark to make the anti-counterfeiting mark fully adhere to the surface of the object.

Three, the application of laser anti-counterfeiting mark:

A, Untwinable laser holographic pattern design anti-counterfeiting mark application: When uncovering the one-time unraveling laser holographic pattern design anti-counterfeiting mark, use your fingernail to uncover a certain position along the edge of the mark, pinch the uncovered position with your finger, and then tear it forcefully It is revealed that the three-dimensional image should be left/part of the remaining on the surface of the sticker/the flatness of the logo is destroyed, and it cannot be reused many times.

B. Application of scratch-off marking: When scratching the anti-counterfeiting mark of the telephone code, when scratching and covering the ink, first knock on the side and scratch, and then determine the size of the force. , Don’t use too much force at the beginning to damage the digital technology under the masking ink. If some logo masking ink can’t be scraped off, you can put a little water in it and then scrape it for 30 minutes.

C. Application of unlockable sign: When the unlockable telephone code anti-counterfeiting sign is unveiled, the reminder language of the surface pattern design should be determined first, and then Press the reminder to reveal from the appropriate place. Use your nails to gently uncover part of the edge of the logo, pinch the uncovered position with your fingers, and then gradually untie it (do not use too much force to prevent damage, the bottom layer), and leave the bottom layer on the object to be attached, and the bottom layer/surface The digital technology on the reverse side should be detailed and easy to distinguish.

Four. Common problems in laser marking production:

A, If the anti-counterfeiting mark is improperly exposed/scratched and the digital technology cannot be searched, the technicality of the other anti-counterfeiting mark on the surface of the mark can be used as the basis for authenticity judgment.

B. If you want to verify the actual effect of the anti-counterfeiting label, it must be posted twenty-four hours before revealing it.

C. The anti-counterfeiting logo can stay on the anti-sticky paper for no more than 6 months before being applied. When pasting and storing, it should be protected from sun protection, humidity and cold, and high temperature. It should not be mixed with organic chemical environmental pollutants.

D. The natural storage environment should be naturally ventilated and dry, and the general temperature is 5-40℃.

E. It is contraindicated to store in ultra-low temperature below 5℃ and high temperature above 40℃ in natural environment, and stick anti-counterfeiting labels.

The anti-counterfeiting mark should prevent surface friction and environmental pollution during the whole transportation process, so as to prevent the design of the anti-counterfeiting mark pattern and digital technology information content on the surface of the mark from being destroyed.

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