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How to customize anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories? What advantage value can it bring?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-15
With the increase in demand, there are more and more fake and shoddy products on the market. There are also many fake and shoddy products in the mobile phone accessories industry. They look the same, but they are easy to damage. For this reason, the mobile phone accessories industry has customized mobile phones. Accessories anti-counterfeiting labels to distinguish them from counterfeit and shoddy products. So let's take a look at how to customize the anti-counterfeiting labels of mobile phone accessories and what advantages it can bring.

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   1. How to customize anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories?

   1. The enterprise shall provide enterprise qualifications, such as the copy of the company's business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, production license, etc. with official seals.

  2. Provide the brand's trademark picture and company name. The anti-counterfeiting company plans to sell a variety of anti-counterfeit labels that satisfy the enterprise for customers to choose according to the customer's anti-counterfeiting skills requirements for the anti-counterfeiting labels of mobile phone accessories and the product packaging conditions. The dog food anti-counterfeiting label selected and planned by the customer, signed to determine the plan draft.

  3. Sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement. The enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company sign the entrustment agreement for the manufacture of anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories and the network access contract. The network access contract specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Signing the anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both sides to sign and affix the official seal.

(Picture source network invasion and deletion)

   2. Advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories:

  1. Convenient query: Consumers can directly inquire product authenticity and fake information at any time through the mobile Internet by simply using the mobile phone to scan the code and the anti-counterfeiting label of mobile phone accessories.

  2. Brand promotion: Consumers can also interact with the company while verifying the authenticity of the products to increase the trust of customers in well-known brands.

  3. Data collection: It can accurately crawl and carry forward the total number of consumers and personal behavior, and can obtain real-time consumer feedback information.

  4. Shocking counterfeiting: The method of authenticity anti-counterfeiting identification mobile phone accessories anti-counterfeiting label undergoes data encryption two-dimensional code, which increases the cost of fraud by counterfeiters, and it is not profitable to promote fake products.

   3. The value of anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories:

  1. It can improve the grade of the product very well. When using the product, it can give consumers a guarantee, and consumers can buy with more confidence when buying.

  2. It can bring good help to product promotion. When consumers buy items, they must buy products with anti-counterfeiting labels.

  3. It can advertise the company's products well. When customers check it, they will see at a glance that the product is the genuine product of a certain company.

  4. It can enhance the company's image, effectively crack down on counterfeit products, and the anti-counterfeiting code is unique, so counterfeit and inferior products can be distinguished well.

   5. It can save costs. The cost of each anti-counterfeiting label is quite low. The purchase of anti-counterfeiting labels can bring many benefits to the company's products. Anti-counterfeiting labels are a correct choice.

   Anti-counterfeiting labels for mobile phone accessories effectively combat counterfeit and inferior products, and enhance the brand image of corporate products; if you also need to make such anti-counterfeiting labels, welcome to consult us. We have a professional anti-counterfeiting team and design team, which can be designed for free Labels will bring you a one-stop service.

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