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How to completely remove the sticker

by:LG Printing     2021-08-24

In daily life, we often encounter adhesive labels sticking to various products or appliances, but every time you go home after buying a product, you want to clean up the adhesive labels on the surface. Sometimes you will find it difficult to remove. For example, sometimes I go to the supermarket to buy a cup, and I want to tear off the sticker on it and clean it up. So what should I do to remove the sticker on it most conveniently? How to be clean without damaging the appearance of objects and leaving no traces?

1. Wipe with an eraser

Principle: Rely on the rubber to fuse the adhesive of the sticker.

Method: Use an eraser to wipe continuously. At first, the glue will turn black, but after rubbing for a long time, the glue will slowly fall off.

Advantages: Convenient operation and quick results.

Disadvantages: The effect is average, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

2. Blow with a hair dryer

Principle: Rely on heat to remove stickers.

Method: Use a hair dryer to hold the hot air, at a position about 10cm away from the sticker, and blow it directly with hot air; after blowing for a while, slowly peel off the sticker while blowing.

Advantages: Convenient operation, good effects, and quick results.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for soft plastics that are not heat-resistant, and high temperatures can easily deform objects.

3. Metal needle removal method

Principle: rely on small metal needles or toothpicks to pick up the sticker

Method: Use a metal needle or toothpick to pick it up from one end, and then move it slowly to lift the label up.

Advantages: Convenient operation and average effect.

Disadvantages: Be more careful.

4. Use edible vinegar

Principle: Principle of similarity and compatibility.

Method: Dip white vinegar or vinegar with a dry dish cloth, completely cover the area with the sticker, so that it is completely saturated. After immersing for 15-20 minutes, use a dish cloth to gradually wipe off the edge of the sticker, and finally soak in clean water for a while.

Advantages: Suitable for self-adhesive labels on tableware such as tableware, non-toxic and harmless.

Disadvantages: The decontamination effect is slightly inferior.

5. Use edible oil

Principle: Principle of similarity and compatibility.

Method: Spread the cooking oil evenly on the place where the sticker is attached. After 3~5 minutes, you can slowly tear it up from the corner of the label with your hands, so that it will not leave behind Label traces.

Advantages: The decontamination effect of hard objects such as glass and stainless steel is good.

Disadvantages: The effect of removing stickers from other objects is not good.

6. Use lemon juice

Principle: Principle of similarity and compatibility.

Method: Squeeze the lemon juice on the hand with sticker dirt and rub it repeatedly to remove the sticker mark.

Advantages: Suitable for removing the stickers sticking to the hands without causing any damage to the skin.

Disadvantages: The effect of removing other objects with stickers is not good.

7. Use alcohol

Principle: Principle of similarity and compatibility.

Method: Use a rag soaked with alcohol to completely soak the area with the sticker, wait a while, and slowly use a rag with alcohol from the edge of the sticker to the middle Wipe until all the stickers are removed.

Advantages: The decontamination effect of hard objects such as glass and stainless steel is good.

Disadvantages: Alcohol is not easy to get, and there is a certain amount of damage to the hand skin.

8. Use Fengyoujing

Principle: Principle of similarity and compatibility.

Method: Completely soak the place where the adhesive is stuck with fengyoujing, and wipe off vigorously with a dry cloth after 15 minutes. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can extend the soaking time of Fengyoujing, and then rub it vigorously until it is wiped off.

Advantages: It will not cause damage to almost all items, especially the surface of objects with printing and paint.

Disadvantages: Decontamination takes a little longer.

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