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How to choose the right self-adhesive label material

by:LG Printing     2021-08-23
Self-adhesive labels are very common in life, but in the actual application process, we also see that some users often use the wrong materials to make labels because they do not understand the physical properties of the self-adhesive materials, which ultimately leads to a certain degree of economy Loss, some label printing companies also lost orders. Therefore, we borrow some cases to analyze some common problems, hoping to provide reference and reference for label companies and end users when choosing the most suitable label materials for daily chemical products.

The upturning problem of the coated paper label attached to the toilet cleaner bottle. The author once encountered such a case. The customer reported that the label was attached to the toilet cleaner bottle after 24 hours. , The label began to warp. At that time, the author found it very strange. Generally speaking, after 24 hours of labeling, the adhesive will completely bond with the surface of the object. It should be the strongest time. Why does it start to warp 24 hours after labeling? Woolen cloth? After on-site investigation, it was found that the customer was using a label processed with coated paper materials. We know that paper has a certain degree of water absorption, and the packaging bottle used as the affixed object is made of plastic material. After the packaging bottle is labeled, it is placed in the warehouse. After testing by the author, the relative humidity of the labeling workshop was 55%, while the relative humidity of the warehouse was only 25%. The humidity of the warehouse was very different from the humidity of the labeling workshop. Although plastic bottles will not shrink due to changes in humidity, the labels will shrink due to rapid loss of moisture after being placed in the warehouse. It is this reason that causes the labels to warp.

In fact, the packaging bottles of daily chemical products on the market are mainly made of high-density pe or pp materials, so it is most suitable to use film stickers of the same material :On the one hand, film materials are not easily affected by humidity; on the other hand, film labels with the same material as the packaging bottle have basically the same shrinkage rate as the packaging bottle, so it is least prone to warping problems. If the film self-adhesive label material is used, it will increase the cost of the product to a certain extent. Therefore, it is recommended that those companies that must use coated paper to process such labels due to cost considerations must laminate or glaze the labels to Reduce the influence of external humidity changes on label materials. Wrinkles and skew problems in pe label labeling Once, a label company reported that the daily chemical labels they produced had serious folds and skewing during the automatic labeling process. Later, it was discovered that the daily chemical company’s labeling The production line speed is quite fast, which can reach 300 bottles per minute. However, the label in question is made of pe material, which is relatively soft. Under normal circumstances, even if the bottle body is squeezed after labeling, the label will not be wrinkled. This is precisely why the label company The pe material processing label was selected for the point test. But just because the material is too soft and the stiffness is not enough during high-speed labeling, labeling wrinkles and skewing will appear.

Customers who encounter this kind of high-speed labeling and have certain requirements for the stiffness and softness of the label material can suggest that they choose pe/pp co-extruded materials, which have Unidirectional stretchability, that is, one side is very soft and the other side is very strong. The problem of 'oil penetration' after labeling hot melt adhesive materials Once a label company processed a batch of labels for a daily chemical customer, after labeling , The label has successively appeared problems similar to 'oil penetrationIt turns out that the adhesive used by this label company is hot-melt, and the bottle material to be affixed happens to be pvc. In fact, hot melt adhesive materials cannot be used to paste pvc bottles, because the two will undergo a chemical reaction, which will change the chemical structure of the hot melt adhesive. The above-mentioned 'oil penetration' phenomenon is the occurrence of hot melt adhesive and pvc material. The result of a chemical reaction. Later, after a detailed understanding, I learned that this daily chemical company used hydrosol labels before. The chemical properties of the adhesive are relatively stable and will not react with pvc materials, so there has been no 'oil penetration' problem.

Other related introductions Traditional self-adhesive label printing should have one step ahead of confidence. Compared with digital printing from it technology, traditional printing has a good understanding of the industry, familiarity, and control of the market. The ability of digital printing is difficult to catch up quickly in a short period of time. For a period of time, digital printing must be complementary to traditional printing. For drinking water distributors, it takes a certain risk to change the packaging of bottled water from corrugated cartons to shrink films. The shrink film ensures the stability of the bottle during transportation, thereby reducing the need for corrugated trays or cushions. Demand, achieved the goal of saving costs.

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