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How to choose the bottom paper of the self-adhesive label paper

by:LG Printing     2021-08-26

1. Overview of self-adhesive labels:

1. Self-adhesive labels are just a small piece of paper to identify the name, number, price, specification, model, and batch number of the identified object , Operating instructions, manufacturer, factory address, contact number, related design, etc.

2. The shape and compressive strength of the labeling object, whether the labeling object is flat or curved, and whether the diameter is large or small. Is a singular surface or a spherical surface; the object is a rigid body or compressible and deformable. Such indicators are directly related to the selection of surface materials and adhesives.

3. The application environment of the self-adhesive label paper. The application environment of the label paper is outdoor or indoor, high temperature environment or low temperature environment. Is the application environment corrosion resistant and dry? Or wet. According to such indicators, matching surface materials and adhesives can be selected.

2. Why does the adhesive label de-stick the plastic:

1. The glue is not evenly applied: Normally, the adhesive label will consist of the printing layer, Adhesive and backing paper are composed of three parts. Divided according to the manufacturing process technology, it is composed of six parts: self-adhesive trademark coating, substrate, adhesive, release coating (silicone coating), backing paper, back coating or back printing. If in the production process of the self-adhesive label, the process defect of uneven glue coating is caused when the glue is applied, it will definitely cause the bubble phenomenon.

2. Electrostatic effect: (1) Compared with the self-adhesive trademark of the film material, static electricity is also one of the reasons for the bubbles in the trademark. (2) Generally speaking, there are two reasons for static electricity. The premise is that this is also caused by the dry weather, especially when the self-adhesive trademark is applied in the winter in northern my country, which often causes static electricity in the labeling process. Second, the friction and touch between the two Disu adhesive labels and their label stickers and related parts of the automatic labeling machine will also cause static electricity.

3. Steps of pre-press inspection for sticker printing:

1. Check the content of the manuscript: whether it is Simple text or complex layout, the initial proofreading is basically particularly critical. If there is any problem with the proofreading, a smaller problem will affect the product quality problem, and a larger problem will cause waste. Therefore, checking the content of the manuscript is a key task in self-adhesive printing. The content of the manuscript mainly includes text, images, graphics and other items.

2. Check text mainly check the font style size, layout format and other content: image check mainly check the image format, color mode, resolution, size, specific location and so on. Graphic inspection mainly checks the graphic style, size, specific location, etc. The second is the inspection of imposition specifications. The design staff should pay special attention to the self-adhesive printing imposition specifications to be consistent with the printing machinery equipment specifications and paper specifications.

Four. How to choose the bottom paper of the self-adhesive label paper:

Generally speaking, the self-adhesive label paper Suitable for printing labels on paper. In actual manufacturing, it refers to blank self-adhesive labels suitable for printing labels. The self-adhesive label is composed of three parts: release paper, facial paper and adhesive. Release paper is generally called 'bottom paperThe bottom paper has an isolation effect on the adhesive and acts as an adherent of the face paper to ensure that the face paper can be easily detached from the bottom paper. The bottom paper can be divided into general bottom paper and Glassine bottom paper. Generally, the bottom paper has a non-smooth color and a relatively large thickness. According to its hue, there are yellow, white and so on. The bottom paper of the self-adhesive label that is often used is economical yellow paper.

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