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How to choose the appropriate stickers? Must first understand its characteristics

by:LG Printing     2021-03-02

stickers are on many products such as refrigerators, air conditioners are used to a sticker, in some shop price will also be on the product labeling, use stickers, the existence of it, not only can better the classification of the products, also can let a guest to better understand and buy products need, but how to choose when buying the non-drying label? First, we need to know about the some properties of adhesive label.

there are many kinds of adhesive stickers, mainly consists of three parts, i. e. , the surface material, adhesive and substrate, different surface materials, adhesive and the substrate can compose many self-adhesive label materials.

non-expert users often only pay attention to the choice material, because it can directly show the design, and visual effect. In fact, the more important are hidden in the adhesive and the substrate under 'face'.

in the labeling of finished before leaving the factory, the merits of the surface material easily in the pre-press, printing and finished goods inspection cengcengbaguan, users loss is small, and the adhesive is easily influenced by labeling or the use of the environment, different posted content characteristics also have different options for the adhesive. Usually in labeling, or and posted content joint for a period of time, even after some time will expose the glue problem, thereby causing loss to the user, the non-drying label material with surface materials can be divided into paper and chemical film class, etc.

serious glue will damage the printing devices, low substrate or silicone oil coating, will also be in die cutting, label, print only when exposed to wear, fly, no logo, paperboard, such as using problem, also can cause large losses to the user.

a widely used products and has stable performance, easy production same as the non-drying label material supplier for printing enterprise to save storage space and time. So find a suitable and commonly used stickers is also very important.

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