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How product traceability? Understanding of the qr code source management software have?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-01
Product traceability? Know the qr code traceability management software, qr code traceability management is a trace of a kind of management means, for the products in large and small companies are using now, so today we with easy to admire the net to get to know about qr code traceability management knowledge, look at the following articles together! < br / >

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qr code traceability management is the product of small packages labeled with a unique identification number, and your identification with product quality reputation traceability information, at the same time the product information database entry product quality traceability service platform. Identification number after activation, but by the quality of public service platform, mobile terminal APP, qr code scanning, etc. , to provide consumers with the quality of the product traceability query service. The role of qr code traceability management: < br / >
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1. Quality tracking and manufacturing execution system help enterprise more real-time, effective, accurate and reliable production process and quality management, for the purpose of combining new bar code automatic identification technology, serial number, bar code equipment management thoughts, the effective collection management object in the production and logistics operation link information data, object tracking management during the process of flow movement in its life cycle, make the enterprise can realize the material in the production of mining, pin, tracking control, product quality tracking, sales up cargo tracking, warehouse management, production site management automation and quality management objectives, to provide customers a new set of workshop information management system.

  2. Can make the enterprise more perfect and competitive ability of production process, all aspects of product quality management, improve customer satisfaction, realize the real-time share. And help enterprises to reduce production costs, increase profits, so that enterprises in the whole production process have more competitive advantage. At the same time, through the system to provide flexible ERP interfaces can help enterprises rapidly platform of information integration.

  3. Manufacturing enterprises through the implementation, can implement the workshop production planning and scheduling, production task query, production process monitoring, intelligent data acquisition, quality inspection and control, material tracking, assessment and control of raw materials consumption, workshop management, statistical analysis, human resources and equipment management, and other functions, help enterprises to improve production site management manipulation.

  4. Through control including materials, equipment, personnel, processes, instructions and all factory resources, including facilities to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing, provides a systematically on the unified platform integration, such as quality control, document management, production scheduling, and other functions, forming a bridge of information exchange, make the enterprise managers can grasp of real-time production information, production decision. Implementation points: < br / >
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1. As the product labeling, transfer printing, online fu code given in the form of products unique logic variable dynamic qr code. You just need to sweep through code rapid realization of product traceability management, product anti-counterfeiting query, dealers product traceability queries, in-out warehouse management, a yard marketing activities, pay attention to the official WeChat microblogging public account, browse the website.

  2. From product outbound to consumers buy goods scan qr code during operation, the inspectors to check work scan qr code to operate all the data is recorded and collected to the cloud hosts.

  3. Professional data analysis software to analyze collected data, filter, filter, classification, and generate a report, always appear in front of enterprise managers. The enterprise decision makers by big data intuitive judgment choice next business trends. < br / >
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so will find qr code traceability management for the enterprise is a management tool will not sell. Trace function is the core of the platform functions, the realization of products from raw materials procurement, production/processing, packaging, fu, circulation, consumers of each process management, implementation; From production to table full traceability management.

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