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How much do you know about the advantages and characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-13
I believe everyone knows about anti-counterfeiting labels. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of fake and inferior products, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and enterprises, companies have customized anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be pasted, printed, and transferred to the subject matter. An anti-counterfeiting mark on the surface, or packaging of the subject matter, or on the attachment of the subject matter. The following editor will give Daji an introduction to the advantages and characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels.

  1. Introduction to the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels:

   1. Increase the cost and difficulty of counterfeiting and sales, regain the market occupied by counterfeit goods, expand the number of sales, and increase the company's profitability.

   2. Reduce the negative impact of counterfeit goods on the company and throw them away, protect the company’s image and reputation, enhance consumers’ decision to buy goods, and enhance consumer brand loyalty.

  3. Reduce the company’s expenditure on counterfeiting, greatly reducing manpower and material resources and throwing it away. Anti-counterfeiting is no longer a separate method of the company. Every consumer is an expert in anti-counterfeiting, and is a resolute anti-counterfeiting team member who protects the company and their own interests, so that they can get twice the result with half the effort.

  4. It can play a very good advertising effect on the popularity of the marching company.

  5. When commodity companies use anti-counterfeiting labels, they can well advance the level of the product. When using the product, it can give consumers a guarantee that consumers can choose more attentively when buying purchase.

  6. When using anti-counterfeiting labels, it can save costs. The cost of each anti-counterfeiting label is appropriately low. Buying anti-counterfeiting labels can bring many advantages to the company’s products. Anti-counterfeiting labels are an accurate choice. .

   2. Features of anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Uniqueness: The anti-counterfeiting label on the product is unique and cannot be copied, which can ensure that the anti-counterfeiting label on each product is unique, and each QR code has only one anti-counterfeiting label Scanned multiple times (technical use of one item, one code).

  2. Reliability: Under normal circumstances, the physical anti-counterfeiting technology on the anti-counterfeiting label is regular. For example, anti-counterfeiting labels with temperature-changing ink, anti-counterfeiting labels with water seepage disappearing, etc., anti-counterfeiting labels like that have a period of attenuation coefficient. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting mark does not have the binding force of the attenuation coefficient period.

  3. Strong security: the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting mark uses the two-dimensional code image encryption algorithm, and each two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting mark is completely consistent with the product information in the database query, thus improving the security of the information content of the product statistics data And statistical data information content is trustworthy.

  4. Wide application coverage: QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are used on commodities in all walks of life, such as food, medicine, health care products, skin care products, fast-moving consumer goods, wine, etc.

  5. Easy to identify: The QR code anti-counterfeiting mark is easy to identify the authenticity of the product. Customers can scan the QR code picture on the product according to the mobile phone to conduct authenticity verification and search for the product, which is convenient and convenient, and it is convenient to show for customers.

   The above is an introduction to the advantages and characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels, I hope it will be helpful to everyone; if you want to know more about anti-counterfeiting labels, please come to consult us, we are a company that has been producing anti-counterfeiting labels for many years Experienced high-tech enterprises, we rely on innovative technology, sophisticated products and reliable services, we are committed to providing personalized, professional and serialized value-added products and services for famous enterprises, constantly exceeding customer expectations, and creating for customers value.

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