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How much do you know about digital security labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-21
As we all know, with the continuous development of science and technology, nowadays there are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Today we are going to introduce digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Digital anti-counterfeiting technology is also called digital anti-counterfeiting technology. It is the use of computer, network communication, information coding and high technology by anti-counterfeiting companies. A comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology independently developed by printing and other high-tech. Many people may not be very familiar with digital anti-counterfeiting labels, so let's introduce digital anti-counterfeiting labels to you.

   1. Talking about digital anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Big digital anti-counterfeiting label technology:

   Big digital anti-counterfeiting technology is called digital technology anti-counterfeiting technology. It is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology independently developed by anti-counterfeiting companies using software, communication networks, information content numbers, new technology packaging and printing and other high-tech technologies.

  2. The basic technical principles of big digital anti-counterfeiting labels:

  The big digital anti-counterfeiting technology sets a unique number for each product with a license to enter the network, and stores this number in the management core database for query, and establishes a nationwide telephone to identify the Internet. When a customer buys a product with a code anti-counterfeit identifier, he only needs to dial the phone or send a message, type in the number on the product, and only know the authenticity of the product, which improves the traditional anti-counterfeiting product is very easy to be mass-proof. Limitations that are not easy for customers to identify.

  3. Big digital anti-counterfeiting label technical system software composition:

   is composed of two parts; big digital anti-counterfeiting markers and; electronic computer one by one telephone (Internet technology) identification technology. The code anti-counterfeiting marker incorporates new technology anti-counterfeiting printing technology and big digital encryption algorithm. It can only be applied multiple times and cannot be converted into digital technology at the same time. It cannot be cracked. It has strong security and independence. Japanese electronic computer-phone recognition technology This is a simple and convenient way of authenticating for customers.

  4. Technical features of big digital anti-counterfeiting labels:

   Counterfeiters cannot counterfeit: Because of the contingency of the number and the safety factor of storage, the counterfeiters cannot crack and steal the number. Because of the independence of the product number and the application of the logo once, counterfeiters cannot counterfeit in large quantities. It is easy for customers to distinguish. Three customers only need to dial the anti-counterfeiting inquiry telephone of the code, type in the serial number on the network license product, and the computer software will automatically distinguish the true from the false, without all specialized professional knowledge, complicated inspection methods and equipment.

  5. Technical advantages of big digital anti-counterfeiting labels:

  The technicality of the big digital anti-counterfeiting label gets rid of the shortcomings of the original anti-counterfeiting technology performance being anti-counterfeiting in large quantities. Compared with general anti-counterfeiting technology, the unfairness of code anti-counterfeiting technology to the company's service items depends on the presentation of anti-counterfeiting markers for the company, and more depends on the company's intimate service after the use of markers, including inquiry and identification, information answering questions, and monitoring Device management methods, tracking imitation goods, data analysis, etc.

   In summary, it is an introduction to digital anti-counterfeiting labels, I hope it will be helpful to everyone; digital anti-counterfeiting has many advantages, and it is very important for each product to choose anti-counterfeiting technology with its own characteristics. If you want to know more , Welcome everyone to come to consult us, we are a high-tech enterprise with many years of production anti-counterfeiting experience, we will bring you one-stop service.

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