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How much do you know about anti-counterfeiting seals?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-17
Everyone is familiar with anti-counterfeiting labels. We can see anti-counterfeiting labels everywhere in the market every day. So, today we will talk about a different kind of anti-counterfeiting label, which is the anti-counterfeiting seal. Unexpectedly, the seal also has anti-counterfeiting technology. When it comes to seals, everyone is not unfamiliar, but will you read it? Will you see the authenticity of the official seal on your certificate? In recent years, the use of anti-counterfeiting technologies on seals has also been varied. So, let the editor tell you about the anti-counterfeiting technology of the seal. Class representatives, remember to take your notebooks and make notes.

   First of all, the seal anti-counterfeiting technology refers to the anti-counterfeiting function set on the seal, which means that it is not easy to be copied and has technology that can identify the authenticity.

  1. Realize stamp anti-counterfeiting through impression design:

   (1) Change some of the characteristics of the standard font on the stamp, or rearrange the handwritten stamp font to establish a special laser engraving font library for the stamp;

   (2) Redesign the parameters such as font and border, change the character height, spacing, vertical and horizontal zoom ratio and other features of the text;

   (3) Add random dots and net patterns, and set gaps and secret marks on the ring line randomly or according to the position pointed by the hour hand on the dial;

   (4) Add invisible codes, bar codes, secret codes, even fingerprints and graphic passwords, etc., which are integrated or separated.

  2. Use anti-counterfeiting special seal: within the scope of not changing the stipulated official seal standard, engrave the address, telephone number, registration code, name of the person who uses the seal, etc. on the seal circle to make the seal appear indivisible Visual text can be used by the recipient to verify the authenticity through the telephone or network query system.

  3. Realize stamp anti-counterfeiting by using special ink or ink pad: For example, use anti-counterfeiting ink (fluorescent ink, ultraviolet ink and other special ink), and use color or colorless ink pad to increase the anti-counterfeiting function.

  4. Seal card and computer management: After the seal is made, a card will be equipped, and all the graphic information of the seal will be stored on the card, such as the name of the official seal, the approval unit, the name of the legal person, the address of the unit, and the telephone number , Fax, and automatically matching cards (official seal, ID card) and enter the password, and wait for the financial department to verify with a computer before conducting business activities. Of course, there is no need to do this. You only need to store the seals in the computer seal database of the relevant department for management, and connect them to some areas and other areas.

  Secondly, anti-counterfeiting seals generally have three obvious anti-counterfeiting standards:

  1. Imitation numbers: also called imitation codes. The first few digits of this number are uniformly numbered by the seal management unit, and the last few digits are the serial number of the seal engraving company, which is non-replicable and can be queried.

  2. Imitation of pseudo-fonts: The font of the seal adopts the seal production system issued by the Public Security Bureau and the subordinate National Shield. There are professional imitation fonts in it. Generally, the same typeface cannot be found in the computer, even if you want to copy it. Maybe imitate the same.

  3. Imitation pseudo-line of the seal: The white notch on the graphic at the edge of the seal or the font is to prevent the seal from being forged and make it difficult for the imitation of the seal.

   The above is the anti-counterfeiting seal introduced by the editor, have you all memorized it? Because the seal is very important for an enterprise. Secondly, the seal can also be carved by yourself. However, you must pay attention to the above points mentioned by the editor. You can use your own small seal to engrave on your own seal. The seal you have carved can be used, for example, on calligraphy. Yeah, it's on ink painting. This kind of inscription. Hope the above content is helpful to you.

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