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How much do you know about anti-counterfeiting marks?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-20
Everyone is familiar with anti-counterfeiting labels, so do you really know about anti-counterfeiting labels? The editor will take you to understand the anti-counterfeiting mark. Anti-counterfeiting labels are also called anti-counterfeiting trademarks. In fact, they appear more often on the packaging of products. For example, we can see the common food, cosmetics, and daily necessities. The footprint of the anti-counterfeiting label is because it can be said to be in all walks of life. Played an indispensable position. So what exactly is an anti-counterfeiting mark? The editor will lead you to an in-depth understanding.

   First of all, anti-counterfeiting marks are labels that can be pasted, printed, and transferred on the surface of the label, or on the package of the label, or on the label attachment (such as product listings, business cards, and anti-counterfeiting cards). The anti-counterfeiting features and identification methods of anti-counterfeiting marks are the soul of anti-counterfeiting marks. If there is no anti-counterfeiting, then it will be no different from a good-looking vase.

  Secondly, its content is also very rich, and our requirements for it are also diverse. It has 8 major technologies of its own, namely:

   1. Identity non-replicability: The obvious characteristics of anti-counterfeiting products are non-replicability and non-transferability. For example, digital anti-counterfeiting can achieve one identity code for the anti-counterfeiting mark of a commodity. Each anti-counterfeiting mark can only be used once and cannot be transferred. Just like our ID card, each person’s ID number is different. They are not reproducible.

  2. Stable period: Under normal conditions of use, the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products can continue to be maintained for a certain short period of time. For example, fluorescent ink and temperature change ink have a decay period.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting strength: the durability and reliability of the function of identifying authenticity and preventing counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting strength consists of four elements: the number of anti-counterfeiting identification features, the number of exclusive anti-counterfeiting technologies, the difficulty of imitation, and the size of the imitation cost.

  4. Adaptability of use: the ability of the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products to adapt to the use requirements of the subject matter or service object.

   5. Recognition performance: The anti-counterfeit identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products can be correctly identified by senses or machines (instruments) within the required identification time. The first-line recognition increases the common knowledge of anti-counterfeiting identification features, which can be recognized by the senses; the second-line recognition emphasizes the recognition by simple instruments (such as magnifying glass, laser pointer, ultraviolet fluorescent discriminator, etc.); the three-line recognition emphasizes the recognition by experts through special instruments , As the basis for judicial judgment. Two-line recognition and three-line recognition emphasize the concealment of anti-counterfeiting identification features.

   6. Use environment requirements: the anti-counterfeiting performance of anti-counterfeiting technology products should meet the environmental requirements of the normal use of the marker.

  7. Technology is confidential: The technology for designing and producing anti-counterfeiting technology products should be confidential. In addition, economic cost adaptability should be considered, that is, the use cost should be reduced as much as possible while meeting the requirements of anti-counterfeiting technology.

   There are also many categories, including our common laser anti-counterfeiting marks, printing anti-counterfeiting certificates and bills, and graphic and text revealing anti-counterfeiting marks. Having said so much, the editor believes that you have some understanding of the anti-counterfeiting marks, have the class representatives recorded all of them? In fact, the anti-counterfeiting logo is well understood. As long as you pay more attention to your life, you will find that its existence has actually covered your life, and you can see more diversified logos.

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