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How is the QR code traceability system built?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-25
In recent years, issues such as counterfeit and inferior pesticide production and use, pesticide abuse, and packaging waste disposal have attracted more and more attention from the society. Many regions and companies are trying to build a QR code traceability system, but they also face some problems in the application process. : Information content is not standardized, coding and identification are not uniform, various industries are standardized differently, or their own internal coding two-dimensional code does not play its role; system soft swap is incompatible, information cannot be shared and exchanged to form unique information; established by enterprises in various places Reliable traceability system leads to multiple and incompatible situations. Most data construction is very unfavorable, and most data emphasizes the implementation of information sharing and social supervision, which is one of the supporting conditions for government and corporate decision-making.

  一. Inquiry and traceability method:

  1. Mobile phone scan code traceability

  Users use their mobile phones to scan the QR code or barcode on the product packaging, and they can quickly view the traceability archive information of agricultural products from field production, processing and inspection to packaging and logistics through pictures, text, real-time video and other methods.

  2. Website query traceability

  Users log on to the Tongcheng agricultural product traceability platform and enter the 16 or 20-digit traceability code on the product packaging to view the rich and detailed traceability archives of agricultural products. At the same time, users can view the company's other agricultural product information on the traceability platform.

  二. Introduction of traceability system

  Create production batches, then select suppliers to choose to add raw materials, add various links, production information, link pictures, videos, add various processing procedures, detailed information of each processing procedure, pictures, videos, etc., add finished product inspection information, The inspection date, inspection number of the inspection unit, inspection name, pictures, etc. are added.

  三. How does the QR code quality traceability system achieve full traceability?

  1. Information loading: Combine the characteristic encryption mark with the product and give each product a unique two-dimensional code to encrypt the digital identity information through one-code-pass online code assignment.

  2. Collecting information: Use a specially developed information management system to scan and collect product information in various links such as product entry and exit. It can collect single crop seed products, or according to boxes, stacks, and packages. Cars and other units collect in batches, and upload various collected data to a dedicated information service platform.

  3. Information entry: enter the basic information of the product into the two-dimensional code quality traceability management system.

  4. Scan the whole process traceability: Consumers can scan through WeChat to see the whole process of product production, as well as product materials and other information.

  5. Anti-counterfeiting traceability effect: Enterprises can log in to the system platform backstage to query various data, check and investigate anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling reports. Not only can they find out in time, they can also effectively manage dealers to combat counterfeiting. The purpose of regulating the market and increasing efficiency.

   Two-dimensional code quality traceability system is to give a product an exclusive ID card through the one-object one-code technology, and record the production process in this exclusive ID card. Consumers can realize product production by scanning this QR code Traceability of the whole process. The source code of the two-dimensional code traceability system is strictly controlled and managed through the two-dimensional code traceability system. Every product that leaves the factory can be traced through scanning the code to trace the production information and raw material information throughout the process, achieving lean production management and achieving transparency in product production .

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