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How is the product traceable? How much do you know about QR code traceability management software?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-21
How to trace the product? Let’s learn about QR code traceability management software. QR code traceability management is a management method for product traceability. It is used in companies large and small today. So today we will work with Yishang.com to learn about For the relevant knowledge of QR code traceability management, let's take a look at the following articles!

   QR code traceability management is to affix a unique identification code to the small package of the product, and give the product quality credit traceability information to the identification code, and at the same time enter the product information into the product quality traceability service platform database. After the identification code is activated, it can provide managers and consumers with product quality traceability inquiry services through the quality public service platform, mobile terminal APP, QR code scanning, etc.

  一. The role of QR code traceability management:

  1. The quality traceability and production execution system helps companies realize the production process and quality management in a more real-time, effective, accurate, and reliable manner, combined with brand-new barcode automatic identification technology, serial number management ideas, and barcode equipment to effectively collect management objects Related information and data in production and logistics operations, tracking the entire process of the movement of management objects in their life cycle, enabling enterprises to track and monitor materials in procurement, sales, and production, product quality traceability, sales tracking, and Warehouse automation management, production site management, quality management and other goals, to provide customers with a new set of workshop information management system.

  2. It can enable the company to have a more complete and competitive production process, all aspects of product quality management capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, and realize real-time information sharing. And to help companies reduce production costs and increase profitability, so that companies have more competitive advantages in the entire production chain. At the same time, the flexible ERP interface provided by the system can help companies quickly integrate information platforms.

  3. Through implementation, manufacturing enterprises can realize workshop production planning and scheduling, production task query, production process monitoring, intelligent data collection, quality inspection and control, material tracking, raw and auxiliary material consumption control, workshop assessment and management, and statistical analysis , Human resources and equipment management functions to help companies improve the black-box operation of production site management.

  4. Improve manufacturing competitiveness by controlling all factory resources including materials, equipment, personnel, process instructions and facilities, and provide a systematic integration of quality control, document management, and production scheduling on a unified platform The way of other functions forms a bridge for information exchange, enabling enterprise managers to grasp production information in real time and make production decisions.

  二. Key points of the implementation plan:

  1. Give the product a unique logical variable dynamic two-dimensional code in the form of labeling, transfer printing, and online code assignment. Only need to scan the code to quickly realize product traceability management, product anti-counterfeiting query, dealer traceability query, product warehousing management, one-item one-code marketing activities, follow the official WeChat Weibo public account, and browse the official website.

  2. From the production and delivery of the product to the consumer buying the product, scan the QR code to perform the operation, and all the data of the inspector to scan the QR code to perform the operation during the audit is recorded and collected to the cloud host.

  3. Professional data sorting and analysis software analyzes, filters, filters, categorize the collected data, and generates reports, which are always presented in front of business managers. Let business decision-makers use big data to intuitively make decisions about the next business trend.

   Therefore, you will find that QR code traceability management is a must-not-sale management tool for enterprises. The traceability function is the core function of the platform, which realizes the management and realization of each process of product procurement, production/processing, packaging code, circulation, and consumers; traceability management from production to dining table.

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