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How is the laser anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeit?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-07
There are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, and the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels use different materials and other products. Therefore, the laser anti-counterfeiting label has many characteristics: it is also called a holographic anti-counterfeiting label, an anti-counterfeiting label completed by using laser color hologram technology and template copy technology.

  一. The function of laser anti-counterfeiting label

  Laser anti-counterfeiting label has a smoky luster, the holographic layer has an excellent anti-static film, high adhesion resistance, ink corrosion resistance, and alkali isolation. The color is monochromatic, there is a single rainbow, there are multiple rainbow colors, the picture also has two-dimensional and three-dimensional multiple and dynamic imaging. The inherent fragrance is strong anti-counterfeiting, and it is very environmentally friendly.

  二. The principle:

   It is established on the basis of the more messy anti-counterfeiting technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. It uses laser color technology and copy technology to complete anti-counterfeiting labels; plate making technology: dot matrix dynamic brightness, one-time special laser film, color optics Random drying etc. The label is mainly made of aluminum oxide film. At the same time, it can be used to identify the surface of corporate information, logos, trademarks, etc. It can also be used to add portraits or other special pictures, lines, etc., suitable for various industries and products, and the cost is low.

  三. Material production:

   A newly developed high-tech environmentally friendly material, now it is mainly used for conveying film, bright high-proof film, and optical anti-counterfeiting aluminized film. These are the materials for making optical security labels. Generally, through a special production process, optical anti-counterfeiting cardboard can be compounded with high anti-counterfeiting reliability and dynamic illusion, so it is widely used in packaging, printing, decoration, medicine and other categories. And this kind of optical anti-counterfeiting label has many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, with different methods and different functions.

   Four. Features of laser anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. The authenticity of the laser anti-counterfeiting label can be directly investigated and manufactured by the naked eye holographic technology, so there is a significant difference, which can be directly seen by the naked eye;

  2. If it is proved by data, then through micro equipment, it is the anti-counterfeiting label that recognizes the inherent characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting label. The data results show that the anti-counterfeiting labels made with the same anti-counterfeiting label template are different. However, since the production process of laser anti-counterfeiting labels will be affected by many factors, it is generally not possible to produce anti-counterfeiting chef knives. Labels, so we can use these to distinguish the authenticity of the laser anti-counterfeiting label.

  3. The holographic anti-counterfeiting strip participates in high-fidelity holograms and images in high diffraction; the side of the disordered zone is affixed with a laser anti-counterfeiting label, which can be seen in this area; the picture of the diamond. Secondly, the holographic anti-counterfeiting strip disorder area uses the authenticity identification device, which can appear golden yellow fluorescence, and then the label, the holographic picture strip and the cover are placed on the protective film of the label printing area and matched along the edge.

   Five. Advantages

  1. Stability: Under normal conditions of use, the anti-counterfeiting technology products have very short anti-counterfeiting characteristics

  2. Uniqueness: Uniqueness and non-transferability of anti-counterfeiting technology products

  3. Adaptability: Anti-counterfeiting identification characteristics of anti-counterfeiting technology products, and the ability to adapt to the use requirements of the subject matter or service object.

  4. Environmental requirements: The anti-counterfeiting performance of anti-counterfeiting technology products should meet the requirements of the normal use environment of the subject matter.

   The laser anti-counterfeiting labels used in various industries are mainly observed with the naked eye, and the internal structure can also be seen through microscopy equipment to distinguish their authenticity. The labels on the same template are the same, but in lithography The process will be affected by various parameters and environmental conditions, and it is impossible to make the same template authentic. This is also one of the important guarantees for different laser anti-counterfeiting labels and highlight anti-counterfeiting.

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