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How is the anti-crossing goods realized in logistics?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-06
At present, the anti-fleeing logistics code is an important means to solve the problem of product fleeing. Many companies are still confused about how to achieve logistics code evasion management. Today, we will take you to understand the code management of anti-channeling logistics. The phenomenon of enterprise fleeing goods is the psychology of dealers' pursuit of greater profit. Through malicious price competition, product sales performance has declined, and loyal dealers have dropped rapidly. If this situation cannot be effectively controlled, it will directly lead to a decline in product performance and a decline in brand reputation, and the impact on manufacturers is self-evident.

  一. Production logistics to prevent crossovers

   1. The so-called; fleeing goods is the merchant’s profit-seeking psychology. It is almost impossible to stop the spread of this mentality. The company can only start with the goods and understand the flow of goods. If the flow of goods changes, it is preventing the flow of goods. If these product codes, the logistics anti-fleeing product code and the background issued by the computing server, the logistics anti-fleeing goods will form a system, and the establishment of this system requires not only the support of software technology, but also anti-fleeing printed labels, which are affixed to each product .

  2. These can be combined with anti-counterfeiting, so the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting treatment plan will be a good treatment method for the company. Now it is mainly done by anti-counterfeiting companies, and it is the planning and planning of the entire system and how to implement the plan. Through the communication company and the anti-counterfeiting company, it will decide the treatment plan, and then start arranging the printing production. After the produced label, it can be attached to each product company, the company can carry out logistics monitoring throughout the life cycle of the product through anti-counterfeiting The anti-counterfeiting company provided by the system.

  3. Of course, the description here is relatively simple, and the detailed practice is much more complicated than the one mentioned here. The company needs constant communication and error correction between the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling engineers. Here, we should remind the company to choose an older manufacturer that has developed anti-counterfeiting systems earlier. Because they have a good grasp of the functional skills of the anti-counterfeiting system, they can prevent the company from taking detours.

   2. Realize anti-channeling cargo flow

   The logistics code is indeed required to realize the anti-sweeping of goods. At present, it is mainly recorded by barcode and two-dimensional code. The function of this code is to record the information of each product. The code corresponding to each product is different and will be updated as the product logistics changes. The logistics code records the flow of products. It records and controls the flow of products. If there is a problem in this area, data will be displayed, which can effectively control the occurrence of escaped goods.

  3. Data control and arrangement

  How to organize and control so much data? Then we need a logistics code anti-smuggling system, a medium for incoming data, and it needs to be used together with the anti-escape query system and anti-smuggling tags to play an effective role. Each company has different problems in each industry, so the anti-counterfeiting systems used will also be different. The specific method is much more complicated than the one mentioned here. Enterprises and anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting engineers need constant communication and error correction.

  Logistics service anti-sweeping system is a product combined with two-dimensional code technology, so that the source of each product can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility must be investigated. From the product delivery logistics and transportation examination, the logistics service anti-sweeping system for real-time tracking of products can effectively inquire, if there is a stray cargo, the system will automatically alert and prompt, effectively solve the diverted cargo problem.

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