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How Holographic Labels Protect Your Brand From

by:LG Printing     2020-08-26

Prevent scanning, photocopying of your valued doc/certificate by including tamper evident security Holographic Labels. Sequential numbers can add an extra benefit to the hologram. Self destructing holograms forestall removal and re-application to a different doc. Security holograms are utilized in many industries some of which embody Pharmaceuticals, Auto/Airline Parts, Software, and most other shopper items. Apply holograms to your product to added safety, visibility and the power to distinguish your goods from potential counterfeiters.

We can take your company brand or any company mark you want and produce a secure, enticing and elegant holographic label for you. Using de-metallization course of, we are able to add serial numbers or bar codes to reinforce the safety and logistic features.

Custom producer of stamping foils together with holographic foils & labels. Features embody multi-dimensional patterns in customized & stock designs. Capabilities include art designing, shim rising, embossing, metallizing & changing. Applications include packaging, publishing, shopper merchandise, labels & clothing & trend equipment.

A safety hologram added in your identification badges provides safety and visibility. Sophisticated imaging technologies and have made frequent identification badges a focused threat. Prevent unauthorized personnel from getting access to delicate supplies. Looking for a cheap but effective way to both protect and promote your model? Allow us to provide a one-of-a-kind custom image holographic label for you.

We can even make them into tamper evident labels with custom break patterns or destructible labels. Security labels are simple to use and inexpensive to integrate with current manufacturing operations. Our stock holograms on this web page are supposed for one-time events or functions where using a generic hologram sticker, which is also bought to other users, nonetheless presents acceptable safety. The images on this web page offer limited safety as a result of this generic image is widely obtainable from different marketers and distributors.
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